By qld - 20/12/2016 10:57 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I got sunburnt to a crisp on the first day of my holidays away. Only 5 more days to go now, spent inside, trying not to burn more. FML
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writergirl1029 17

I did that when I went to Spain. Drink lots of water and lounge in the shade.

OP, I'm gonna say YDI. Sunscreen is a thing.


i feel ya.. i got burnt 2 days ago. And im burnt even more today!

Posted in Queensland, figures! Unlucky OP! (I'm on holidays in Queensland at the moment the sun is a killer)

species4872 19

Spiders like it toasty.

sunscreen? long shirt, oversized hat? umbrella? you can still go outside just cover up. you should have taken precaution on day 1.

last time when i was burnt the heat itself made the burn worse, so none of those would help

Welcome to Queensland, my friend.

Leave you more time at

Spend alot of time in the pool with XXXX

I saw the location, yup, they recently had a news item about qlder's being the worst for skin cancer in Australia.

I did that too on my first holiday abroad, it helps if you wrap yourself in cold wet towels

cheshireau 26

That's summer in Australia for you, mate.