By qld - 20/12/2016 10:57 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I got sunburnt to a crisp on the first day of my holidays away. Only 5 more days to go now, spent inside, trying not to burn more. FML
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writergirl1029 17

I did that when I went to Spain. Drink lots of water and lounge in the shade.

OP, I'm gonna say YDI. Sunscreen is a thing.


i feel ya.. i got burnt 2 days ago. And im burnt even more today!

Posted in Queensland, figures! Unlucky OP! (I'm on holidays in Queensland at the moment the sun is a killer)

species4872 19

sunscreen? long shirt, oversized hat? umbrella? you can still go outside just cover up. you should have taken precaution on day 1.

last time when i was burnt the heat itself made the burn worse, so none of those would help

I saw the location, yup, they recently had a news item about qlder's being the worst for skin cancer in Australia.

I did that too on my first holiday abroad, it helps if you wrap yourself in cold wet towels

cheshireau 26

That's summer in Australia for you, mate.