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Today, I was informed from a fellow employee at a bar that he finally "hit" the boss' wife. I work for my parents. FML
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Was he like 'Up high!...what? What's wrong? Why would you leave a brother hanging?' My sympathies buddy, that must suck


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It's still his mother though man, If you were in his shoes I'm sure you wouldn't want people calling your mother a ****.

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Maybe he meant "hit" as in he killed her, like Mafia terms? Or maybe he wacked her with a baseball bat? You should never assume the worst, that he's banging her-- that's just jumping to unclear conclusions

I agree, I think the OP is just sad that his mother was beaten by his coworker. But I don't think that was a smart move on the coworker's part.

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So someone sleeping with your mother is worse than someone murdering her?

mayb he wouldnt like but shes is a stupid ****.....gosh if u marry u should know that sleeping with sum1 else is a baad baaad thing xD im so sorry for u that u hav a **** as mother and im seriouse

I imagine that hurt. But have YOU ever "hit" a woman you to whom you were not married? Well, she was someone's daughter. Would you feel any better if your co-worker had "hit" your sister? Would you feel any better if you found out a female co-worker "hit" your father?

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Where are you even going with this?

Do you even realize that the word 'hit' really means '******' ?

I find this 2 fmls 1 he "hit" your mother 2 you work for your parents

lol @51 "unclear conclusions" I mistakenly read it as "Nuclear Solutions"

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Lol these comments are hilarious.

Was he like 'Up high!...what? What's wrong? Why would you leave a brother hanging?' My sympathies buddy, that must suck

hahaha, that's awesome but OP: you should probably tell your dad what's goin on eh?

omg! thats harsh... but i'm really curious what the outcome of this story is... sounds like some Young and the Restless shit

Yeah does ur dad know? His fml would read "Today I had to fire an employee for sleeping with a member of management. I also had to beat and fire an additional employee for not reporting said affair. The member of management is my soon to be ex-wife and the additional employee is my recently beaten son. Fml."

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OP; you NEED to tell your dad. that's not cool.

maybe you should try it too :) jk that must suck I agree

whoa lol how many other's have "hit" on your mom?

"hit" and "hit on" are two ENTIRELY different.

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Pics or ban btw that sucks and is funny as hell at the same time lol FYL

Tell your momma what he's saying about her.

I hope that for your sake he has two jobs, but if that's not the case then that really blows. Don't tell your dad though, that'll just make your world erupt into a pit of horribleness... And you never know, he might just be really immature and joking, or drunk (considering you are at a bar with him), so your mom could be faithful.

Welcome to the real world. Parents are people. People aren't perfect. Sh!t happens... YDI for not standing up for your Mom. Or your Dad, actually. On the bright side, now you don't have to worry about him getting promoted over you, unless Mom really 'likes' him, so I guess you DO have to be worried.

How does he deserve having his mom cheating on his dad? I'm really suprised anyone thought he deserved it.

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No, people aren't perfect and shit does happen, but people still have brains and control over what they do. It doesn't excuse someone cheating on their husband.

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People aren't perfect and shit happens is a cop-out excuse for cheating as others have pointed out. Some things you have control over and some things there are NO excuses for. Cheating is one of them.

that's exactly what the person you're replying to ******* said... that there's no excuse. reading comprehension, try it sometime !

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lmao. YOU try reading comprehension. read the comment again smartass and OP: i would "hit" your friend until he bled and begged you to stop.