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  Finnboghi  |  0

He didn't. YDI for failing at reading.

OT: That sucks OP.

You may still be able to plead your case, but now you'll have another case being in contempt of court.

  Finnboghi  |  0

Say what?

That's directed at person who said "You do NOT need to say "AM" and "in the morning" in the same sentence. YDI for failing elementary school."

Is FML putting comments in the wrong threads again?


Ahh, I figured. Mine reads, "YDI for not setting your alarm, or for sleeping through it."

I guess it's switching between my comment and the one safirekatt posted for #4 =/

  amagaeru  |  0

This isn't contempt. Contempt means you've ignored a court order, like a restraining order or injunction.

Nor can the OP still argue his case. By not appearing in court he's basically waived any defense he might have presented, and the court will enter default judgment against him.

I think.

INAL (just a first year law student, so I could be wrong)

  Kervik  |  0

#18, the OP states that it is in the morning (AM), but they do not say when the morning was. I could say 10AM yesterday morning - is that incorrect?

By  sentient  |  10

what'd you think you were gonna get by posting this here? You want me to feel bad for you because you don't know how to set an alarm? I figured that shit out alone in the second grade, man.