By JDCH_99 - 27/08/2015 15:36 - Canada - Toronto

Today, on my daughter's 9th birthday, I have to let her know that her dog died in his sleep overnight. Happy birthday. FML
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JDCH_99 tells us more.

JDCH_99 10

OP here -- we told her. We didn't have a choice. She was devastated and will be for some time. She's spent considerable time at farms, so she gets the whole cycle-of-life thing but it's different when there is an emotional connection. There won't be any dogs in the near future. Maybe in the spring we can talk about adopting a rescue dog.

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ExtremeEncounter 32

What? On practically the same day her dog died? Most people grieve for a while before they just up and get a new dog/pet.

juturnaamo 29

She's 9, she's going to notice her dog is missing.


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ExtremeEncounter 32

What? On practically the same day her dog died? Most people grieve for a while before they just up and get a new dog/pet.

What? That is just ****** up... U don't automatically get a new dog, it is not a toy u can just replace... Smh

getfokinrektm8 9

You cant just replace a living thing like you can everything else

Actually, I was reading numerous articles that said if you lose something valuable, even a living thing like a person, it is way healthier to replace it immediately than giving time to get over with it because without replacing it you just keep thinking about it. It's like distracting yourself until the pain goes away, like counting to ten when angry.... Now that being said, I wouldn't replace a living creature no matter how much healthier it is for my mind, heart, and body. I still get sad to this day when I think of Chester, my pet tickle-bug I had for a couple weeks as a kid. It was traumatizing for me because that's when I first grasped the concept of death.

xAmethystx 12

Yes, sometimes people would rather have time to grieve. But for a child who's dog died on her birthday? You need to try and make the day as happy as you can, and a new puppy will help.

Cassie4840 7

I agree that for a child, it may be better to get a new animal to make the day better as well as help distract her. Maybe not a puppy though, because if they were close that could make her hurt more; seeing the new puppy and thinking of her old dog. It might be time for a kitty, or some fish!

Or the OP could do the rational thing and leave the decision on whether to wait or not up to their daughter, instead of possibly either traumatizing her by forcing her to replace him, or by making her think animals are exchangeable.

cynthianicole95 9

I agree. It's a bit healthier than waiting because she needs to be as happy as possible right now.

I'm sorry OP, losing a dog is one of the most difficult things ever (besides loved ones of course).

I highly recommend the book Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant to help deal with the loss of a dog. Be prepared to sob. I haven't read it in years and I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Couldn't you have waited till the next day?..

You went full retard, dont ever go full retard

juturnaamo 29

She's 9, she's going to notice her dog is missing.

JustinJK 21

Mommy where's my dog? We took her to a farm where she'll have more room to roam. That's what my mom told me about the dog my grandma bought me that she didn't want. Don't lie to your kid. just be honest or they'll be resentful later on.

#3 I agree and disagree. Waiting to tell her would have been easier, but she is old enough to notice that the dog is not around. Not seeing the dog would make her ask "oh where is the dog?" And lying to her would have been even worse when she did find out what happened to the dog

#3, unless you kill her too. Then she never has to know, and you save a lot of money. Really, you kill her for the same reason you killed the dog.

"It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to"

poorjudgement 26

I really think #3 is right. It is her birthday, she will remeber for the rest of her life that her dog died on her birthday. Every. Single. Year. I would tell her that the dog is very sick and at the vet, let her have her b-day, and tomorrow, on a regular day, tell her that he died. Our parents told us our dong run away. They never told us truth, but at some age we got what happened. It was the least painful way.

Guess that was a not so Happy Birthday :/

No easy way around that one

Awe! That's so sad. I'm so sorry!

rip furry baby

Reading that made my heart ache. :( I'm so sorry for you, your daughter, and her dog. I hope she will still have a good birthday anyway. Losing a pet is (to me) losing a family member.

You see your family members as pets? truly you are a sociopath.

No, I see my pets as part of the family....

Megatron_Griffin 25

#41, you're a ******* douche bag..and do you even know what a sociopath is? She probably wouldn't have compassion for much if she was one. #10 I view my pets the same. Growing up my mother would often refer to our dogs as our brothers, they are family and I love them like they are. OP I'm incredibly sorry for your daughter's and yours loss. At least he passed away peacefully in his sleep so your daughter can get comfort in knowing he didn't suffer.

Clearly she has no compassion or empathy for her family if she only views them as pets for her to play with until she grows bored. I view my pets as potential food and/or bait during the apocalypse

That's horrible! Hope she has an okay birthday though...

hopefully a good birthday will help lessen her pain