By aziraphaleelle - 18/03/2014 08:10 - United States - San Jose

Today, I had to wave my arms like a maniac as I sat on the toilet at work, otherwise the faulty motion sensor/timer would turn the lights off after about ten seconds. I've had to do this for several days now. No one else has reported this problem, so management won't get it fixed. FML
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I have the funniest mental image right now.

Drag0nb0rn 22

They don't believe you because everyone knows that girls don't poop



Well, that's another way to go green and conserve energy...

Just use your phone flashlight. Or bring someone in there with you to show them that the lights turn out if you stand still for too long.

"Excuse me, I have to poop. Will you please come with me and stand there while I do so so I don't have to shit in the dark?" Yeah. Great idea.


Pee in the dark. When you get back up the lights will turn back on?

you should complain to avoid waving hands next time..

jazzy_123 20

you should read the last sentence again...

I have the funniest mental image right now.

Are you sure is no the dirtiest mental image you got instead?

A lady sitting on the toilet flapping her arms around like spaghetti to keep the lights on? No, that's pretty hilarious.

What the ever loving fuck are you talking about?

Then what were YOU talking about, #51?

#53, I was replying to #18, haha. The other comment wasn't there for some reason.

Drag0nb0rn 22

They don't believe you because everyone knows that girls don't poop

Did it say she was pooping?

larrena2377 26

We sit to pee too..

jazzy_123 20

ahh you guys just killed a good comment -,-

You don't need the light during pooping/peeing if you're sitting down. The movements of staying up from the seat when you've finished will automatically turn the light back on.

I agree, unless somebody is absolutely terrified in the dark.

RedPillSucks 31

True, but some people need to see when they wipe.

#31: during the wiping process the light turns on because you activate the sensors.

Unless you are a ninja.

Wizardo 33

Wave your hands in the air, like you just don't care... and now let the deuce drop.

It's like Pictionary on the potty

I think, rather hope, you mean charades

Movies have taught us all about how scary dark bathrooms are.

The dark can be creepy in the bathroom

I think the dark is creepy anywhere.