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Hey at least you two made up!

Better both of you than just her. How would you have felt then?


You know, sex doesn't resolve everything. And maybe she'll be thankful that you didn't take advantage of her while she was drinking and then maybe you'll get some? Idk.

It says 'We were out drinking'. I don't think he's taking advantage of her

Sex doesn't solve everything but it damn sure helps lol

I know who has a purity ring! *Points up*

Please, read the FML again.

And if you look at her profile, she mentions sex there as one of the things to make a perfect day. "Candy, sex, games, food, and sleep = perfect day"

nanall = hypocrite :D

She obviously knew she was probably going to get drunk if the fml says "went out drinking" what do you expect

Reading through your little bio confirmed my assumption of the kind of person you are. Take that judgmental crap somewhere else. Please and thank you.

That's why I hate some people. They are fucking hypocrites, and just say stuff to make themselves look better, but in reality it makes them look even more stupid than they already are. Stupid dumb ass chick. You just made me lose a little bit of faith in all humanity..

Sex doesn't resolve anything? Doesn't matter had sex.

21, Damn straight

child please

You guys are dumb, the girl didn't say sex is terrible and no one should have sex. She simply said sex doesn't solve everything. That is hardly hypocritical. While I agree nobody would be taken advantage of in this situation, if what she posted makes you lose faith in humanity you probably had very little faith to begin with. Besides, anyone who has had drunken sex knows it is usually hard to climax, and as drunk as OP sounds he wouldn't have remembered in the morning anyways.

What she said and what she has in her bio doesn't make her hypocritical. She misread the fml yes. She also said that sex doesn't solve every thing. Correct. Now to explain why she isn't a hypocrite. In her bio, sex wasn't the only thing that made the perfect day. There were four other variables which would conclude a perfect day. There fore if they would have had sex it would not have solved anything. However this argument is irrelevant based upon the fact that the fml states they kissed and made up. So I'm wasting my lazy thumb energy by typing this. And fuck yea for typing this and wasting some ppl's time reading this thinking I'll get to a point. Nope. Oh the thumbs down. I see it now.

Sex, could be the cause of the fight and not from the point of he wanted it too much. Some girls have very high libidos and maybe she was not satisfied with their sex life. Maybe, their fight was about LACK OF SEX in their relationship. Maybe, he was the one who caused it and he was trying to make it up to her and they passed out before he could give her what she wanted in the relationship.

Sex with the chick in 102's pic would solve my everything ;p

True. I agree with you completely

Lmao. You people have no lives. At least I'm getting laid and not typing and arguing my life away.

Yeah, "idk" is right.

115 I'm Reptar! I pull bitches. :p

Go you for saying what u believe nsont let these dumb people^ tell you otherwise

Hey at least you two made up!

Yeah its alot better than fighting. Trust me

Now you have time to have a serious love session without being pissed out of your mind. I don't know about everyone else, but I prefer sex while I have my wits about me...

That's what I was thinking, just because OP didn't have sex doesn't mean his life is F'd. He resolved his problems with his gf, so after that there will be plenty more sex on the way.

Well, beer is a very interesting beverage. Many things come along with it, passing out included.

What if they were drinking liquor?

You're right. It should have said alcohol in general, but beer is what came to mind.

Or maybe they both just pulled a sexless innkeeper!

Better both of you than just her. How would you have felt then?

You poor person. No drunk sex? Ugh

Yeah it's not that bad. "Me and my girlfriend made up after having a fight and didn't have sex right away. FML"

First world problems...

My girlfriend and I*

I think the keys here are the words "my girlfriend and I reconciled" consider the alternative, and finish your business when you wake up

You mean like now? Pretty sure he's not typing this while still passed out...

Well, while you missed an opportunity to have nasty drunken sex, you can now plan a nice evening of romance and getting some piece of ass.

Hahaha well spoken

All I wants a lil peace & quiet. Gimme a lil piece & I'll be quiet. Lol

at least you're back together..some of us are forever alone..

Like me. No matter what, I can't get rid of these rolls. After all, I am made of tires.

#8, your 14, you will live, promise, don't be so dramatic. Alone forever, what a load.

Am I the only one who wants to be forever alone?

8 dont pretend youll be forever alone. Youre very pretty. NO ITS NOT CREEPY! IM 15!!

Hopefully you both woke up at the same time and can continue where you left off.

They may wake up in puddles of vomit since they're too drunk to even have sex.

Considering they were on their way of getting back together. You fail at trying to make my comment look dumb.

^^ whoops wrong fml my bad ignore that

I wasn't trying to make your comment seem dumb. I thought by "pick up where you left off" you meant pick up with the sex. Sorry.

Huh sounds like someone's not getting back together.....

I don't think "getting back together" is referring to them having sex