By Anonymous - 10/10/2009 21:53 - United States

Today, I had to chase my dog all the way down the street, watching in horror as she proudly showed all of my neighbors my bra. FML
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Holy crap, you're a woman and you wear a bra? How will you ever live this down?

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AND THE PUN CHAIN BEGINS: This is the "breast" FML I've heard in a while

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Geez, guys she just needs our support.

Probably wouldn't have been so embarrasing if you didn't chase the dog

The dog just likes smelly underwear.

The neighbors have bras too. I doubt it's anything they haven't seen before.

Holy crap, you're a woman and you wear a bra? How will you ever live this down?

Yes YES YES this If it had been underwear you "wet" yourself in, then this would be a proper FML.

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lol it depends? were you wearing another one at the time of the pursuit? or did it just grab the one you were about to put on? I hope the answer is b; makes it a lot funnier

This whole FML is just silly, why would you chase him? That's the only reason that it's odd,

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lucky neighbors xD sooo what color is it? xD jk

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If you were a man, that would be embarrassing. You are a woman. Most women wear bras. Who gives a shit? Your neighbours may joke about it every now and then, but it's not even close to an FML

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exactly its an ordinary bra big whoop grow up

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yah, it's a good thing yer wearing a bra....

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no but really what color was it

not that bad atleast it was your bra!!!

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#7 hahahhhahha at time like this where I want to be superman (x-ray vision xD)

Not really that embarrassing. FML is getting locked out of your house naked. People seeing your undergarments isn't that bad.

This is really not that bad at all. How many of your neighbours were actually outside or looking out the window at the time? But it's still funny, so I like it.