By myrkes - 10/09/2015 11:09 - Switzerland - Marstetten

Today, it's the day before my friends' wedding. My dress has not yet been shipped from the online shop where I ordered it three weeks ago, the hand-crafted gift that was ordered last month is trapped at customs and my cats have just managed to open the drawer and eat the wedding card. FML
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Weddings are not supposed to be fun or easy! They follow Murphy's Law, what can go wrong will go wrong!

Coland 19

I think she won't mind as long as you are there, right?


Coland 19

I think she won't mind as long as you are there, right?

Well and hopefully dressed in something in the very least

nonsensical 26

or not.... muahahahah Just wear your fancy jewelry and get your hair done and you could be the best looking one there!

Maybe you shouldn't have shopped online? It can be unreliable sometimes.

I often find it can be much cheaper for most things.


true BUT depending on where you buy from there is no guarantee when it will arrive. I purchased something from etsy for my father's Christmas gift and it took 2 months to arrive so he didn't get his gift until February. always make sure there is a shipping option that allows for faster shipping so you know when you will get it.

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I agree, I bought earbuds that were supposed to ship in 2-4 weeks, and they came 2 and a half months later

Well just explain what happened and she'll best advice for the dress is check out Burlington coat factory, they do have some nice dresses

I didn't know she lived in the same country, I was making a suggestion to help her out in this situation

The same country as I do* sorry lol long day.

Sounds like bad luck OP. Sorry things are not working out. Hopefully you'll find a way to get this together.

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Explain it to her. A true friend will try to help you. Mind you if she really can't help you though, her wedding IS tomorrow. I hope you can resolve SOMETHING and unless your friend is a massive asshole I doubt she'll completely lose it over something you have no control over. Best of luck to you and congrats to your friend. :)

That's one big clusterfuck of bad luck OP, hopefully you'll somehow make it work..

Weddings are not supposed to be fun or easy! They follow Murphy's Law, what can go wrong will go wrong!

Those are great explanations...but the cat eating the card might not work... Good luck OP...hope it all works out...before the wedding....the card is an easy replacement....

If you're not in the wedding the dress shouldn't matter. Everything takes longer by mail, you need order it more than a month out. It does suck for you but at the same time YDI for not planning ahead.

It just depends on where it was ordered from. I once got a package from China in 3 days when they said it could be a week or 2 (I live in the US).

This is true...I ordered guitar parts online and they said they'd arrive in 7-10 days, they arrived in the mail the next day

corky1992 33

She still should have played it safe and ordered it sooner than she did. 3 weeks before the wedding is pushing it.

Likely it was something like Beyond the Rack, or one of those types of sites. They can take months to ship.

That's what I thought. I would have had it all ordered 5 or 6 months before the wedding to ensure I had it on time.