By Zlo98 - 08/08/2013 05:12 - United States - Alpharetta

Today, my cousin decided it would be fun to get drunk before my wedding. During the ceremony, he got up on the stage and tried to do a stage dive into the crowd. He landed on my nephew and broke his arm. FML
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Zlo98 tells us more.

Just to clarify it was my nephew who broke his arm. After it happened we asked my cousin to leave and my brother took my nephew to the hospital. The rest of the ceremony went as planned and my brother and nephew made it back in time for the reception. My cousin doesn't usually drink so it was a surprise when he showed up drunk but he has apologized and everything has been smoothed over.

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cottoncandymango 17

*Tina Fey's voice* "OH MY GOD! WALK IT OFF! WALK IT OFF!"



cottoncandymango 17

*Tina Fey's voice* "OH MY GOD! WALK IT OFF! WALK IT OFF!"

Today, I went to my uncles wedding. My other uncle got drunk and shit and started trying to stage dive. He fell on me and broke my arm. Fuck you unks. FML

Maybe he just wanted to make it more fun. Sorry about that OP

PterodactylMan 23

More fun is always a good thing right?

You can make your own wedding "more fun" but you would deserve a beat down for doing that at someone else's wedding. I would have beat the sh*t out of someone with a candlestick if they did this at my wedding.

Wizardo 33

Break his bottles and his nuts.

oj101 33

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Or infertile in this case.

Don't be silly #8. Testicles don't have eyes.

an eye for an eye doesn't work. i mean; in theory, sure. but, how could the first blind guy get at the other guy who can still see? the guy that can still see could just stay really quiet and the blind guy wouldn't be able to fund him.

Emily062611 6

I think maybe that's why it's just "an eye". And I like to think that the phrase should be, "An eye for an eye makes for a successful eyepatch company."

skyeyez9 24

I hope your cousin was hurled out of the doors and banned after that.

Well thats completely his fault, isnt it. I feel really bad for your nephew though

Thats why you survey the crowd before you stage dive.

Misswildsides 22

Well he was drunk...I'm sure surveying a crowd was the last thing on his mind.

I don't think a drunk person has the ability to survey a crowd

A wedding is not the most appropriate place to stage dive. Then again it depends on how traditional/formal the wedding is.

Spider_Web 11

The only wedding when it's appropriate to stage dive is if your a member of the Motley Crue

dontgivafuk 9

that's half the fun of a wedding.

Wowxoxo 17

Maybe your cousin was a surfer in another life?

JE553 9

Or maybe he should've stayed sober in this one

Barriaultcory 16

In sure the reception was a blast then!

Zimmington 21