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Today, as I put my 4 year-old daughter in the car seat, she dropped her crayon. She then paused and matter-of-factly said, "Mommy, I don't say 'f***' anymore when I drop things." FML
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That's when you pat her on the head and give her a treat.

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Hahah how adorable ! I love little kids :)

hah lol what has she been leaning at playgroup?!?!??

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what 4 year old says ****? thass jus crazyyyy

#38 children say wht they hear most of the time and repeat it

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what's the fml here? your daughter gave up cussing, you should be proud!

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she can do what most people can't. be proud

ohmygoodness , woow .. your kid rocks (x

FFML_314 11

That's when you pat her on the head and give her a treat.

12: Good point, but I doubt she "took it upon herself" very much in this case. I'm guessing she had some help in the correction department in the form of a (possibly appalled) teacher.

no its bad, she just DID say the f word, right after she dropped it.....she was lying, 4 year old sister lies like that (not about bad words) like that all the time, she disproves herself

Kids say the darnest things. Just ask her to not repeat that word again or she'd have to eat soap. I knew kids just say these things without realising it, but on the bright side, your parents weren't there to judge you for being a bad parent, eh

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when i was little my mom threatned to wash my tongue with soap if i cursed

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my dad actually did wash my mouth with soap.

Yes, eat soap. my parets did this to me slot. Soap does not taste goof.

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my parents never did that to me with the soap I luv soup. : )

My parents never did the soap thing. They'd just smack me on the face if I said a bad word. It's easier, quicker, more effective and healthier than shoving chemicals into a kid's mouth...

86, you're begging the question; you put chemicals in your mouth when you eat food, too.

Eating: Now the same thing as shoving chemicals down your child's throat.

Food is made up of chemicals. The other person was begging the question by assuming that all chemicals are bad, and then contending that putting chemicals in your child's mouth is worse than smacking the child. Why am I better than everyone else?

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kids repeat what they hear. parents nowadays cuss around their kids even if they don't realize it. YDI for being a failure as a parent just like the majority.

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that's when you smack her in the mouth and tell her everytime she uses the word, you will hit her.

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Not child abuse... Unfortunately. That is a bot cruel though.

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why is there always one retarded hippy that says disipline is child abuse?? it's not like they're being beaten to near death... it's a f-!#ing smack on the hand. this is exactly why the future is doomed, because of stupid and overly sensitive tree huggers.

I agree with what you're saying about a smack on the hand not being child abuse and just discipline. But as you may or may not be aware of, there are people out there who do abuse their children by taking things too far. Oh, I'm not a hippy by the way.. Or overly sensitive.. x] But there's nothing wrong with tree huggers.

64 - Except that 5 said "hit," not a slap on the hand.

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child abuse? no. lol. that's just how asian parents are. lol. =X

36 depends on wat state yr in :) in ny it's ok to hit ye kids as long as u dnt leave marks. & I no tht bc I happen to have had an experience wit abuse my padre my hermana n the popo.

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Yay! Picture moment for the scrapbook, along with her weed addiction phase...those terrible twos...

I like liquorice, although when I eat too much, it makes my poo smell funny!

Stop swearing around your baby butthole. It's all your fault for her bad language.

and your kid is dressed in a slightly slutty Disney outfit... whatchya have to say about that? that's even worse....

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haw, guess you'll be a little more careful when YOU drop things, eh? This isn't really an FML nor YDI -- just a haha.