By MissKitty

Special Snowflake Kitty

Today, I found out why I couldn't properly breathe nor sleep for the past 2 days. I'm allergic to the new kitty litter. This is the special litter I had to buy because my snowflake cat is allergic to all the other brands. FML
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By  skippydoda  |  32

OP, you should wear gloves and a mask when you clean the litter. I recommend that you do it before you shower and then go right away to the shower. At the least wash your hands very well after. I have allergies and I find that helps.

By  MorganHex  |  25

i love how no one thinks about the cat using the litter OP is allergic to and getting the dust on uts fur and paws and then walking all over the house, furniture, and OP being the root of the problem not just if OP has to touch the litter or be in the same room. OP they have alternatives like shredded paper, shavings, and pellet litter. i would try one of those.