By Ulysse - 07/11/2008 15:33 - United Kingdom

Today, on my first day at a new job, my boss asked how old I was. I replied, "Eighteen." She responded that she was my age thirty years ago, which makes her the same age as my mum. When I told her, she gave me a puzzled look, so I repeated myself. She was my age thirteen years ago, not thirty. FML
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is it me or is this worded by a two year old

Wtf does this mean...?


HAHA damn, what a great first impression. I hope you still have the job.

so fucking what women get so hurt by this get over the age thing!

serioysly...I mean tell her you thought she said thirty not thirteen problem solved. NOT fml worthy

Hopefully, if it was an honest mistake!

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You sound like a bitch.

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sucks to be you!

Wtf does this mean...?

Mads_1234 28

She thought the boss was 30 years older (48) instead of 13 years older (31).

is it me or is this worded by a two year old

Haha, that sucks to be you. And to everyone who commented on his or her grammar, really? Are you that stupid that you can't understand it? I mean it's not fantastic but it is definitely understandable.

I don't understand what he is saying. She asked his age. He said 18. She said that she was his age 30 years ago. 30+18= 48. She's 31. I'm missing something.

you don't understand? wow. he misheard.. he though she said 30 but she actually said 13 hahaha

only got it when u explained it

if that's right then how is this an FML? it's kinda stupid no offense :/

They probably think you suck at math

he/she also sucks at grammar

the average intelligence here is at a minimum. There's only 4 basic grammar errors. Most of you made at least two in your clever rebuttles. And by the way, this isn't an FML; it's simply a misunderstanding

#13, not "there's." There are* I like it when people criticize people who criticize people for bad grammar for THEIR bad grammar while using bad grammar. Festival of lolz.

I agree with #13 and who cares about grammar anyway I don't see why people criticize so much I mean seriously chill out. sorry that nobody is as perfect as you are