By Ulysse - United Kingdom
Today, on my first day at a new job, my boss asked how old I was. I replied, "Eighteen." She responded that she was my age thirty years ago, which makes her the same age as my mum. When I told her, she gave me a puzzled look, so I repeated myself. She was my age thirteen years ago, not thirty. FML
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  sens3sfailing  |  24

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  Mads_1234  |  28

She thought the boss was 30 years older (48) instead of 13 years older (31).

By  omfgitsvera  |  0

Haha, that sucks to be you.

And to everyone who commented on his or her grammar, really? Are you that stupid that you can't understand it? I mean it's not fantastic but it is definitely understandable.

By  techlife  |  0

I don't understand what he is saying.

She asked his age. He said 18.

She said that she was his age 30 years ago.

30+18= 48.

She's 31.

I'm missing something.

By  davidcassoa  |  0

the average intelligence here is at a minimum. There's only 4 basic grammar errors. Most of you made at least two in your clever rebuttles.

And by the way, this isn't an FML; it's simply a misunderstanding

  Loosicles  |  0

#13, not "there's." There are*
I like it when people criticize people who criticize people for bad grammar for THEIR bad grammar while using bad grammar. Festival of lolz.

  meshee03  |  0

I agree with #13

and who cares about grammar anyway I don't see why people criticize so much I mean seriously chill out. sorry that nobody is as perfect as you are