By patrickalamo - 14/06/2011 14:23 - United States

Today, while driving in a funeral procession I was distracted, missed my turn and yelled "God dammit!" I'm the funeral director; the Priest was in the car with me as I led the funeral the wrong way. FML
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i bet the priest gave you some ugly looks and you will be in his prayers

Oh us Texans...


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time to go to church!

did a hot babe distract you ?

I have no smartass response to this...

who cares? They are words, I doubt the almighty god really gives a shit

hah yeah 86 she's right

good thing he didn't say "god damnit" or that could have been bad...

Oh no. How horrifyingly terrible. This FML really claws into the worst of malchance. I swear, only in Texas...

I do, but it's VERY racy.

i bet the priest gave you some ugly looks and you will be in his prayers

with a mistake like that, OPs going straight to hell, no questions asked.

there is no hell

Pulse- don't be an asshole.

31 thanks for telling me. I can now be a badass.

33 - your comments are fucking weird

Pulse is being an asshole because they don't believe in Hell? I love how tolerant you religious nutbags are.

All this time I thought I was in hell...

88 - I see no "assholeness" here.. and it would be non religious nutbags.. you sir are a fail

99 no he should say he doesn't believe in he'll not just say that it doesn't exsist. Also I am not religious at all. 8)

why are all of you hatein on pulse if he just said a opinion Im agnostic btw

cuz Jesus is so intolerant you know

Pulse is preaching just as much as a religious person, and it's just as annoying.

i believe in God. I just hate his fan club.

No it was preaching when someone said there is no hell. it's the same as someone responding that there is a hell. if you are going to say you are tolerant, you can't just be tolerant toward one group of people.

it's your fault.. and you shouldn't even be cursing like that when there's a funeral procession especially when you're the one leading it with the priest in the car with you

Yes, because he yelled it on purpose. Shit happens, things just slip out.

Hey dream boy, god damn your comment!

I'm pretty sure everything you just said is why they posted this fml in the first place

I don't think y'all are right you need to watch your mouth things don't just slip out:) I gave it a thumbs up:)

You guys are stupid... people should be able to have basic self control and not use offensive language like that during a funeral... if we all just used the "shit happens... things slip excuse" for every occurrence like this how do you expect anyone to improve their attitude/behavior...

HINT - it's called FUCK my life for a reason.. y'all are all dumbasses

I totally agree here!

wow it's called self control

saying "god dammit" is like sayin "darn it" as well it just detirmines what you actully mean when saying it

god damnit makes me feel better than darn it :)

Hey dumbasses it's called a freudian slip ever heard of it?

hey i actually find it funny. sorry haters

well your ugly 88. so shut up.

165- lmfaoo i agree

165- lmfaoo i agree

Parapraxis was a theory thought up by Sigmund Freud. Just letting you know. You probably just looked it up on the Internet. Or are you an award winning psychologist who graduated with honors from an ivy league school? Because I can't always trust what I read on the internetz.

God damn, you guys are some sensitive pricks. It's not like he said in front of the friends and family of whoever's funeral that was and it's not like he didn't apologize to the preist. Shit DOES happen. A dear friend of mine, who is studying to be a youth pastor, will occasionally say "goddammit" but instead of acting like the world had ended, he just looks up and says "Sorry, god".

Oh us Texans...

...are bad ass, YEEHAW! (insert more stereotypical phrases). there's a snake in my boot!

We don't call 911. *holding shotgun*

We don't got us none of those fancy horseless carriges. We all got us some 30 stallions each in our stables out back.

That's the name of my shotgun, 911.

Everything's bigger in Texas, including our will to defend our home with arms.

Why have there been so many fmls from Texas lately? Anyone else notice that? And screw 911. Every truck has a .45 in the console. We can take care of things.

Texas- Only place in the US where you can have as many guns as you want and not be a nutjob. YEEHAW

I'm all for how it's done in Texas! I'm thinking of moving.. lol.. and bringing my "armory" too! ;)

lol 141:) my dad owns too many to count, and he's gotten to the point where he purchases them under my mommas name also, just so that government doesn't try to book him for being "suspicious" or something

seriously in front of a priest?!!

so you took the scenic rout.. not like the person in the back has anything to do!!!

I think somebody needs to learn to chill a little bit...

playboy is the only positive place in your future...

wow that's very very bad and not nice to say bady wordy Missy and you got lost not very good

After seeing your comments on previous FMLs, I have ultimately decided that you are the most retarded person on this site. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I am not I doint think so

I really wish this was a troll account. But I think this is an actual grade 8 drop-out nursing her baby at a computer desk.

no I doint have a baby and I'm not on a computher I'm on my iPhone and I never would drop out of school never ever in the world

skitz, I'm almost positive she hasn't made it to high school yet... her comments are difficult to interpret.

I your right I'm going into high school like thise yeah like after summer time I

Since you don't know where you live, I have to guess that you're from Texas and you must be related to the OP.

I will after summer time

clearly op is a dude

Listen little girl, just relax and stop replying to every single thing people comment on and you will be just fine... and please, proof read what you type. We all make mistakes, but holy shit... type in English.

Successful troll is very successful.

just read her profile. her self description almost accounts for her english

55- epic win! (:

I really feel like this playboy chick is in like the 6th grade. go play with my little pony or something. get off of FML.

hey that's not very nice

62 canz I plaz wit da ponys toos? I'm just messing around. 71 I am usually not a mean person but... yup I'm not going to say anything mean. Hopefully you find out soon there is grammar nazi, lunatic, trolls that will go fucking bananas on you. Watch yourself.

76 see right there. That's what is mostly pissing people off. Try not repeating letters and press the space bar.

10 hail marys and 100 our fathers. and go to confession.