By presidont - 18/10/2009 12:25 - Switzerland

Today, it was the elections for Student Council President. I decided to be nice and vote for the only other competitor because it was her birthday. I lost by one vote. FML
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ICallKyo 3

sucks for you. that's where being nice gets you. XD

aaahh, you swiss people, always so nice ;) sorry it happened tho


ICallKyo 3

sucks for you. that's where being nice gets you. XD

americayay 0

That and if you want OTHER people to want you for class president, because you're truly the best choice, YOU should want you for class president badly enough to vote for youself. Dirty politicians.

bugmenotmofo 34

I am glad you lost. The LAST thing this world needs is someone like you in a leadership position... i.e. caring, guilty, feeling, always trying to take care of the 1% at the sake of the other 99%. Enough left wing liberals.

Saccharide 0

This is why I ******* hate society. No nice deed goes unpunished.

Reyo 2

Yeah, there's a reason they tell you to spend your one vote on yourself, no matter what. Now you know why.

YDI for not running a smear campaign against the other girl on her birthday.

Veritas143 0

Should have taken the Machiavellian aproach and just killed her..but make sure it never gets traced back to you!

@#40: yeah because 2001-2009 went soooo great for America

there needs to be a like button on here

Number one rule when voting, always vote for yourself.

karmaSUCKS321453 0

I didn't know you could even vote if you were being elected.

that's when you give it a thumbs up. same thing as a like.

but isn't that absolutely awful?it's like saying don't be nice or you screw yourself over so just be a dick

aaahh, you swiss people, always so nice ;) sorry it happened tho

Those swiss people are tricky *******. 'We're a neutral country... so you fight and we'll watch... We're also a banking country so you fight, and we'll hold your wallets. It doesn't matter who wins, we only need to give half of them back!'

ironic how they invented the Swiss army knife though

hahaha. I feel you, that exact same thing happened to me once. except it wasn't her birthday

FMLandurstoo 9

Why would you vote for someone else? Didn't you want to win?

anonymousssss_fml 3

aw that was nice of you. sorry it didnt work out.

Ah. Yeah, in an election, that's not a good idea, generally. If you think about it, your vote for the opponent can be interpreted as an assertion that you think she's the better candidate. But it's okay! If it was that close, you should have a good chance next time and now you know better!

That's the stupidest idea ever. It could only ever have done exactly what it did, or nothing and been meaningless. I find it hard to believe you would even consider doing something for which you would get exactly nothing, or lose everything with. I guess you really didn't want to win. It's like playing Russian Roulette just because you have a revolver in front of you, even though you want to live. You should tell that person what you did, maybe then they would appreciate your stupid present. I bet they'll laugh at you though.

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there's a sickipedia joke to go with this about Japan sending Viagra for failed a election