By louise. - 18/10/2010 09:06 - Australia

Today, I asked my boyfriend why he chose me out of all the hotter girls out there. He told me it's because I have great birthing hips. Apparently I'm having six children. FML
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Hey, at least he seems to be in it for the long haul. : )


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Bloodbath knows what's up. And ydi for asking.

OP: Don't ask a question if you don't think you'll like the answer.

Rei_Ayanami 18

That's a good thing,congratulations on your lovely hips.

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agree with 35. why would you even ask that question?

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Could be that she has wide hips. Not the same as chunky. I know a girl who's average but has wide hips. she totally looks like the type of who'd give birth to 6 six kids without ever needing to go the hospital. irony is she hates kids.

You sure about that buddy? Doesn't look like u good any goods :P

you look like you're ******* 9 with what resembles pubic hair as facial.. calm the **** down.. ur not suave dumb kid

kinda like yours I can tell by your pic.. congrats no wait.. I can't tell, willing to help us clear up this matter?

I'm a little bit paranoid that 29 knows me (and my ketchup-bottle body) IRL. O.O 

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TIJD you have an FML posted! Which one's your FML?!

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who cares if he was first or last or is cool or not?

When a girl has really wide hips they are called "birthing hips" because they make the birthing process (slightly) easier. Also because the hips are what cradles the baby in the womb, and the wider they are, the more like a cradle they are.

pedophile* :P and or maybe you were looking for a different word such as Creep or pervert, seeing as Kelly isn't underaged

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oh look, it's fgas done the right way. lose dem pounds then you'll have guys all over you.

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Kelly is 19 and Danimal is 23, if their profile ages are correct. So technically, not pedophilia :P

All I said was woah. Some people are morons. All I was referring to was how cool her hair looks, that's the first thing to catch anyones eye.

mrdanimal hahahahahah ******* scary change ur pic

MrDanimal Your photo is very, very creepy. I borderline want to check to make sure you're not wanted by police!

You should, because obviously a beard and hat make anyone a criminal.

I learned something about that in history :)

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good to know you have a say in the matter.

Hey, at least he seems to be in it for the long haul. : )

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lol at least he's not just thinking about sex he's also think about the kids popping out easier

is he saying you have big hips ? ... I feel like that may be an insult ? fyl.

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Her boyrfriend sounds like Dwight Schrute.