By witt75 - 23/02/2011 18:53 - United States

Today, I was overdrawn $15 at the bank. I paid in my last $80 in cash, only for them to inform me that I've been slapped with $90 in overdraft fees. FML
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I've been there so I can say from experience that it is 100% your fault. If you had the cash, you should've dropped it into your account before cheques came in. Also, why didn't you just deposit $20? Then you'd at least have $60 in your pocket. If you've never overdrawn your account before, you could ask the bank to reverse the fees as a one-time courtesy.

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that's why op should stop using an overdraft account

ure every1luvsbonerz from the one after this one

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like fish? from a line? ahh makes sense no $ .... dinner lol hookin'... no g cuz your cool... hooker-ring maybe? ;)

ignore 79. he's stupid

Corporate greed. Fuck the bank.

That totally blows

lyk her mim xD

they'll be blowing something to earn the cash.

Happens to everyone that's overdrawn. May as well happen to you too. YDI.

Looks like the bank just made you its bitch.. more than one way. Iccceeedd.

you is broke!

YDI. What, did you think banks suddenly stopped charging overdraft fees? Usually they are $35 a pop though, so FYL for having a shitty bank. Unless you have multiple overdrafts. Then YDI even more. Why would you drop cash into your account when you don't have anything to live on?

LOL. and people say we don't need finanial reform. Reminds me of Jean Valjean.

And people say we need more spelling classes, reminds me of a moron.

Get a better job

a hand job