By witt75 - 23/02/2011 18:53 - United States

Today, I was overdrawn $15 at the bank. I paid in my last $80 in cash, only for them to inform me that I've been slapped with $90 in overdraft fees. FML
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I've been there so I can say from experience that it is 100% your fault. If you had the cash, you should've dropped it into your account before cheques came in. Also, why didn't you just deposit $20? Then you'd at least have $60 in your pocket. If you've never overdrawn your account before, you could ask the bank to reverse the fees as a one-time courtesy.

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that's why op should stop using an overdraft account

ure every1luvsbonerz from the one after this one

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WTF 79

Corporate greed. Fuck the bank.

That totally blows

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they'll be blowing something to earn the cash.

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Happens to everyone that's overdrawn. May as well happen to you too. YDI.

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Looks like the bank just made you its bitch.. more than one way. Iccceeedd.

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you is broke!

YDI. What, did you think banks suddenly stopped charging overdraft fees? Usually they are $35 a pop though, so FYL for having a shitty bank. Unless you have multiple overdrafts. Then YDI even more. Why would you drop cash into your account when you don't have anything to live on?

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LOL. and people say we don't need finanial reform. Reminds me of Jean Valjean.

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And people say we need more spelling classes, reminds me of a moron.

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Get a better job

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