By Chellybelly92 - 01/07/2013 15:34 - United States - Allentown

Today, while waitressing, I had a huge party. When everything was said and done I saw the tip they left me. It said on a napkin, "You're pretty. You can't put a value on a compliment." And that was it. I wish compliments paid the rent. FML
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Wow this made it. That day was kinda bad for tips and that just topped it. But I made a good amount it's just probably gonna be a rough month with money but I'll make it. Thanks guys.

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Wow, that's horrible OP. All the places I work have gratuity added for parties greater than 6 or 8.

I can put a value on a compliment: Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Assholes.


Wow, that's horrible OP. All the places I work have gratuity added for parties greater than 6 or 8.

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What a stellar first comment!

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I hope compliments never end up as the payment for rent! I'd be homeless!

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28: I hope they do. a couple of you-look-nice-todays would save everyone tons! except the assholes I guess...who knows how they'd make rent.

28 - Well, that's what happens when you've got the face of a horse ;p

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#28, Hay now! No need to be so rude! Horse-play aside, I think you outDerby careful of what you say to people! (Yeah, I'm no good with puns...)

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117 Are you referencing yourself?

Actually it's psychologically proven if everyone had positive things to say about each other everyone's mental state would be very healthy, suicide rates would be at an all time low. If the governments would consider compliments for money I think we'd live in a much nicer world.

Wow a whole 8 hour shift in stilettos and no tips...tough break OP.

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#123, damn it! That was meant as a reply to #87 >.<

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At least she was told she's pretty.

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#2, if she is pretty, that is not really very creative at all, and if she's not, it's just a damned lie.

59 - I meant it was creative to leave a compliment and say you can't put a value on compliments, not that the actual compliment was creative

I hate people like that. -.- I agree, it would be nice if they paid the rent.

Pretty sure my rent wouldn't be getting paid if compliments DID pay it.

What if she was a terrible waitress?

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Depends- was she new/just not getting the hang of it/extremely busy? Until you've waited tables yourself i don't wanna hear shit. Now if she was just plain mean & rude, ignored you, or anything like that, then she got what she deserved. Oh well.

That's crap. Waiting tables is a job. The customer doesn't have any obligation to care about the situation of the server, any more than that same waiter has any obligation to care about the particular situation of their hairdresser or their bus driver. One need not wait tables to have a valid opinion on waiting tables. We all know it's a shit job. We all know that it's difficult. We all know that it doesn't pay well. And most importantly, we all know that's why you aspire to something better.

^^ yes. I said this in a previous fml. but no one would have it. Why should customers have to 'makeup' for a waitress' lack of pay? Rhetorical question btw, I don't want to hear someone's speal.

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It wasn't nice though, nice would of been the compliment and a tip. By not tipping your server you are telling them that all the hard work they did doesn't deserve payment because a server only makes 2.13 an hour in most states and depends entirely on tips. While restaurants are required to comp you the money you don't make below minimum wage they often make it incredibly difficult and will fire you if you demand compensation too often even if it is only because of a slow period in the restaurant. I was threatened to be written up before based on the fact that I didn't make minimum wage on tips and asked for compensation, despite the fact that the most the restaurant had made on my shift had been 400 dollars in ten hours, that is with another server. It wasn't nice, if anything it was insulting, they may as well have written, "Your work is worthless but at least you're cute."

#38, I completely agree with you. That's how I feel every time someone doesn't tip me, and all I can think is; 1.) They've never worked in a restaurant 2.) They didn't like my service. I try to be very personable and sweet to every guest that comes in, but some people have the personality of a wet paper sack. You kill them with kindness and they still may or may not leave you a good tip, or any tip at all. When you don't tip your servers, you're saying "all your work was all for nothing", and a lot of servers are single moms. Tip your waitstaff, we WANT to give you a great experience, and don't get mad if it's a lunch rush and you haven't gotten a refill. At my place of business, I ask every table if they want drinks to go, it's free to them, and I'm trying keep them/you happy.

38 - Not so much... by not tipping, you're saying the waiter/waitress didn't go above and beyond what should be expected. A tip is not payment, it's gratuity, a gift, and no server is entitled to it. The fact that the government considers it payment is flat-out retarded. You want to cast blame? Then blame the government, because the customer is NOT at fault. P.S. - I generally tip, save for when I get especially bad service, because I know servers rely on it. Many people, however, do not know this.

^ forgot to add, I agree it's insulting to leave a compliment while implying it's a tip

@38 A server only makes $2.13/hour if the tips make up the $5.12/hour difference. Servers must make the federal minimum wage, and if the tips don't make up the difference, then the employer is required by law to pay the difference. If a server made no tips at all, the employer would legally be required to pay the entire minimum wage. It is all right there in the Fair Labor Standards Act. It is also right there on the minimum wage information poster that is required to be posted in a conspicuous place in every place of business.

while that's true an employer would rather have a staff member who doesn't demand the payment because it's more money for them. They may be required by law but they can also add fees to it or any number of other things too. They may even fire the employee because there are always people who would do the same job and not demand the compensation if they don't make minimum wage because they want it anyway.

acerredrum 23

@175, obviously you have never worked at a restaurant or if you have you worked at one that deserves a god damn award for being one of the best in the country. Yes they are federally required but do you know what happens when you don't make enough in tips too many times? You lose your job. Or worse they make you jump through hoops which they can legally do. Waffle House managers will avoid counting tips like the plague but lets say that Sunday I do really good, I make 80 bucks in tips for a ten hour shift, thinking it is a good week I don't spend the extra forty-five minutes hunting the only manager on duty down and trying to get them to count the tips. Well the next three days I only make 10 dollars a day because the store is dead my shift. Since they can't prove I didn't make 120 dollars on one shift I don't get compensation. I can accept it or fight it and lose my job.

Well at least strangers think you're pretty! That's all that matters to some people...

No, they're models or rich business men looking for a trophy wife. :)

It sucks that waitresses have to make the majority of their money off of tips because they're not paid well :(

Same here, we usually never tip because waiters earn about 30-35 USD/hour.

It depends. I know some people that never tip. I know some people that always tip, even if the service is terrible and it is only 1% of the check. I've always tipped about 20% of the check for a good waitress/waiter. I tip slightly over that for excellent waitresses/waiters. I think the record low was 5%. That was because she only visited the table to take our order, drop off the food and drinks, and to toss the check at us. We never got any refills.

I'm sorry OP. Some people are just cheap and these people did a crappy job of covering it up. On the bright side at least they paid their bill and didn't pull a dine and dash.

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Actually, assuming OP would catch then dashing, it would be more beneficial if they tried because at least she'd get criminal charges as retribution..

I can put a value on a compliment: Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Assholes.

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Got to ay least give them credit for being original.... zsorry OP FYL.

The only credit I give them is cheap.'s called proof reading, try it.