By Anonymous - United States
Today, my unemployed boyfriend and I went to the casino. I gave him twenty dollars to play on. He won $1000 on a dollar machine then jackpotted the ten dollar machine for $20,000. When we got home he broke up with me. I have been working two jobs to get our own place. Move in Date?? 2 weeks. FML
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  someguy945  |  0

This isn't something you can sue for.

Just for fun, lets pretend that it was. He would simply claim that he brought the $20. She can't prove she gave it to him.

  term3186  |  1

It most certainly is something you can sue for. You can even win. You don't need to "prove" that you gave him the $20, this isn't a criminal case. You just need to convince a jury that it is more likely than not that you gave him the $20. Seeing as how he is unemployed, its definitely a winnable case. As for lawyer fees, most lawyers in this situation would work on contingency. You wouldn't have to pay them out of pocket, they'd just take a portion of the recovered $$$.

  therealmike  |  0

I see that someone is quite fuzzy on the meaning of the word "give". I don't think that the jury is going to be as fuzzy on this meaning as you are, so suing would be a very poor idea.

  Tubasaurus  |  0

What the fuck would she sue for? She gave him money (legal), he used the money to gamble (legal), he won a bunch of money (legal), he broke up with her (legal). Yes he's a dick but she can't sue him for being selfish. There is no case here whatsoever.

By  anonacs  |  0

@ #9, she cant sue him, there's no law saying you have to pay someone back for giving you money.

To the op, you deserved this, he's unemployed and living off of you and you allowed it, and gave him money to gamble. Why in the hell would you work two jobs to support you and a grown ass man that isn't doing shit?

I cant believe you would be so ignorant you couldn't see that he was using you for money.