By BOHICA123 - 08/10/2013 02:08 - United States - Brighton

Today, being so desperate for money, I accepted a job in which I get shot at with paintballs for 6 hours. FML
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Hey, it'll be some type of experience to put down on your resume! Props to you though, I got hit with a paintball once and it hurt like hell!

A job's a job! At least you're not a hooker, if that makes you feel any better...


Hey, it'll be some type of experience to put down on your resume! Props to you though, I got hit with a paintball once and it hurt like hell!

Not only that, but OP can also add bravery under special skills!

I shot myself in the eye once

AbstraktThoughts 13

27: That's what you get for looking down the barrel of a gun. Without a mask on, at that!

JocelynKaulitz 28

Maybe afterward, you'll be able to tolerate more pain, if that'll make the situation a little better.

He's got some balls...paintballs !!!

im assuming OP is a ref. i am a speedball player and a ref. speedball is 12.5 to 15 balls per second. you dont get shot at too often, but when you do, you really feel it. and OP, it doesnt hurt that much, wear a pod pack if you have to, and a towel you can use as a shield and youll be fine.

Op is probably military since not many people use BOHICA who aren't could be some sort of target for training as well.

Dawnstempest 17

@ 79 Except for Private Snafu ;). He uses that all the time... Oh everywhere I go... There's a Dill Sergeant there... Drill Sergeant, why don't you leave me alone? Why don't you go back home?

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Op most likely wears protective gear so he doesn't die from so many internal injuries

There is a place out in Utah that people pay to shoot other people, dressed up as zombies, with paintballs. This could be what he is referring to.

ThatFancyPenn 18

I suggest to OP getting some armour (plastic pads) so that it'll hurt a lot less.

100, baggy clothing works better if OP doesnt have proper paintball jerseys and pants and arm pads and slide shorts

tjv3 10

OP I know that this job isn't what you would want to be doing, but hold your head high(figuratively) . You are doing whatever you got to do to support yourself and that is admirable

Glad to see I have some fellow paintballers in the community, but realistically he'll most likely end up having fun

Grmpman 7

Getting hit doesn't hurt once you get used to it. I play all the time and it sting for about a second.

A fellow baller!

134, what gun do you use?

I don't ref. I actually am supposed to be shot. I dress up as a zombie and people (lots of people get too shoot me)

Not working there anymore but I think around $11 an hour. #18

No, I'm not a ref. me and one of my best friends (not doing it alone and we make stupid choices together lol) would run around and get shot at by 20 people at a time on average. #62

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Volunteering? But the OP needs money. :P


Your username makes your comment ironic, 16.

Fuzzy monkeys are disgusting and should be spanked! Want to check out my hairless beaver? :)

#22, lol nope. You can't. I tried changing mine ages ago. *sigh*

I don't believe there is a way to, though I may be wrong. Edit: my apologies, 25. I'm on the mobile version, and the cached version of this page didn't display your comment before I posted mine.

16, 14 never said she didn't care about those things, too. Many people do. I've traveled to places like Haiti and Cuba. Heartbreaking! And I also care about animals!(: Another thing-- Couldn't you just delete your account and start a new one? I don't know the rules on FML but would hate to not be able to edit something so simple as a name change.

Please accept a very strong virtual random hug for putting human beings above animals, 16.

volunteer work doesn't pay...

Aky0n 10

i swear that's what #11 was implying..

Not ironic... She likes Fuzzy, not furry! ;)

19- Your username should be Tenacious D. Can I please hear you say?, Along ass ****** time ago, In a town called Kickapoo...

@36 humans are animals. Can't we put ourselves on the same level?

A job's a job! At least you're not a hooker, if that makes you feel any better...

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Pretty sure a hooker makes more money than someone being shot at with paintballs...BUT ANYWAY, at least you still have respect for your body, oh wait...

AnOriginalName 19

And at least people aren't shooting small loads of liquid into your face. Oh, wait....

iLike2Teabag 27

They both involve taking balls. Possibly to the face. By possibly I mean preferably.

AnOriginalName 19

#38, is your name at all related to your comment?

Hey, that'd be 6 hours of pure fun and excitement!

RedPillSucks 31

Hookers don't always make a lot of money. Most of that goes to the pimp.

90- not if she's an (ahem) "private" contractor.

57- Contrary to popular belief, a kick to to crotch still hurts like hell for ladies!

You beat me to it #121! Haha

RedPillSucks - Not all prostitutes have pimps.

well I'm guessing you have protective gear? good luck !

I'd pay to see that. Want to make some extra cash?

Sucky sucky, fi dolla?

HA! that's awful..

Like a samBoooooooooooooooty da *** u bik

Fuck yo ancestas acesta!!!

feldco1 17

I'm really curious as to what this job is for but hey money's money!

I'd imagine paintball marshal they tend to get shot a lot

Ive been in your position before; It gets better with time..

Yeah eventually the paintballs start to hurt less after a few sessions.

after the scar tissue finishes building up

I got hit last month and I still have a bruise covering half my thigh. It sucks.

why does everybody keep saying they hurt? getting shot does not hurt. it stings for a moment, but thats it.. unless someone is shooting more than 185 fps (highest fps paintball guns are allowed to shoot on professional field) then it starts to hurt.

Hey, you can you get some valuable life skills from this. Maybe not today or tomorrow or even the day after that, but eventually.

such as how to dodge a bullet that life skill could save your life

Who knows, maybe the Jackass crew will recruit you and money wouldn't be your problem anymore.