By cantgetabreak - 13/12/2016 18:50

Today, my boss reprimanded me for not finishing my work on time. Yesterday, she cut an hour from my schedule every day until further notice. FML
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She's probably expecting you to still work that hour and be OK with not being paid. I'd probably start hunting for a new job if I were you - I didn't when I ran into that problem (work schedule was 8-4, expected to work more like 7-6 with no pay outside of my scheduled hours) and got fired.

Your workplace has the worst work incentives. Be more productive or we cut your hours until you are.


What you're supposed to do is grow another set of hands in order to get all your stuff done. If you're not willing to do that, well it's not your boss's fault that you're not committed to your job.

Your workplace has the worst work incentives. Be more productive or we cut your hours until you are.

This FML made me sad, now I have to say FML. Why is there so much cruelty in this world ? FYL OP. I hope you get through this. I am going to sit in the corner and weep. FML

moocowmilk0 19

is she dumb?

Your boss needs to know how to plan ahead, if it happens again, take it to HR, OP.

I honestly don't see any scenario where this gets any better for you Op. Either your boss is unreasonable or you aren't efficient enough at your job. I'd use that extra hour into looking for another job where you will probably be happier.

Look on the bright side, overtime pays more

Pretty soon, you'll be doing the work of a double-shift while not being on the clock at all. That's making America great again!

zeusdom 15

I had that problem when I worked in retail. I got my work done early every day when I first started and then they doubled my work load and cut my hours then had the nerve to say "we just expect you to be better? You were so good when you first started we can't understand why you're having trouble now."

I'm thinking that there is a physics thing involved here. And your boss is crazy.