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Today, I was running late for school because I had a huge stomach ache. To save on time, I took a taxi. When the taxi driver hit a bump, I lost control of my bowels and shit myself. Not only do I have to wash my underwear in the sink at school now, but I had to pay the driver extra to remove the smell from his car. FML
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Here is another crappy FML about a shitty shituation. Ummm...I have a brain fart. This stinks, I can usually think of something. Damn it, somebody must have pissed in my zen garden.

By  maybaybe  |  0

I don't understand why you went to school with a bad stomach ache in the first place ... and after you shit your pants, couldn't have you asked the cab driver to turn back?

By  perdix  |  29

And if you've ever seen that episode of "Seinfeld," you'd know that smell NEVER comes out. It's Beyond BO!

He's going to see if someone will steal his cab, so he can get some insurance money.

By  guppy40000  |  0

k to many fmls have this happening, if your gonna shit, puke or piss yourself even if there is the smallest chance stay home people. bosses and teachers have to be accepting of this. Unless you skip all the time then you deserve it. If you dont feel well stay home, make it up later.