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Today, some beefed-up guy wearing a wife-beater sat in my restaurant, took out a big sack of coins, and played My Little Pony songs on the jukebox for 4 hours straight. I couldn't summon the courage to tell him to leave. FML
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What I want to know, is what the hell kind of place has My Little Pony on the jukebox?

Don't put "My Little Pony" in your juke if you can't handle hearing it. PS - Don't be a wuss.


That guy is awesome. That sucks though, the same Christmas songs over and over drive me mad, luckily I've never heard my little pony songs.

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54 - give it a few months, you'll be jumping off that bandwagon soon enough

HAH, you're kidding right? One does not simply stop being a brony.

stoptrying 9

Ignore #59. He's just on the bandwagon of accusing everything of being a bandwagon.

#1- Same! Christmas music is waaaay worse than MLP music. And this guy only had to listen to MLP music for 4 hours. We have to listen to Christmas music pretty much all day for a month every year. This is nothing compared to that.

Im not gonna lie, im a brony and i think the songs in the show + the fanmade ones are actually damn good, but i think the main problem we're having here is the whole "4 hours" part...

I used to like MLP.... Oh wait I never did because I'm not a little kid..... Bring on the downvotes, baby!

Oh come on, people. The only reason I'm getting downvotes is because more people are more attached to Christmas than MLP. The guy in this FML just so happened to be more attached to MLP music, ergo you must be just as tolerant of his tastes as I must be of Christmas-lovers'. Silly people.

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What in Satan's ballsack is a Brony? Can someone explain to me...

All the hatred out there for bronies is pretty stupid. Sorry I like cute things, you want that apology in triplicate?

I'm not going to hate on people who like that, it just befuddles me to think that late teens/adult men are into the same shit my 4 year old niece is into...

Cartoons are made to appeal to parents, too. MLP: FiM has references to the Goonies, The Big Lebowski, Star Trek... And the animation, music, writing, and voice acting are all top-shelf.

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*sings* ♪ My little pony, apocalypse pony punish mankind for their sins! ♪

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OMG, I'm sooooooo tired of this fad. Can it be over? Please? They're cartoon ponies, no big deal.

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Yes, I agree completely. They're cartoon ponies, no big deal. An extremely well-put together show about cartoon ponies? Yeah, KIND OF a big deal.

Poor guy, no understands him and his horrendously horrible habits.

I think it's awful. Misunderstood nice guy just wants to hear my little pony to be soothed, and everyone wants him out. You go, my beefed-up brony amigo!

24, you seem to be forgetting the fact that he played MLP songs FOR FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT.

That's the thing, it's almost impossible to detect facetiousness on the internet

#48: and I thought I've found this one site where facetious people are all understood. Now you've crushed my dream!

tsent8 15

Sorry 52 not yet give it about a year.

RedPillSucks 31
tsent8 15

48- unlike your ability to tolerate people it is completely possible to detect facetiousness on the Internet.

dixiefoxx 22

That'd probably drive me insane after a while

Bronies... I accept them, but they get extremely annoying because the relate everything to my little pony. It's a young girls show for goodness sake.

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I've always wondered, do bronies genuinely like my little pony or are they just trolls?

Girreth 7

91, Bronies legitimately enjoy the show for various reasons. Some love the animation, some love the writing, some love the music, some are just in it for the community, etcetera. A lot of people accuse them of being "trolls" because said people have a hard time understanding that people can like a show for its quality despite the show's target demographic being young children.

I still watch a lot of shows from my childhood. Powder puff girls and courage the cowardly dog had really great writing. There's a lot of jokes I wouldn't have gotten as a little kid.

Walking up to the guy and saying "hey you, beat it!" would probably be a very poor choice of words.

GwylaFelidae 7

#106 - I completely agree with you on this. I enjoy the show because I used to watch it years ago. The story line is much better now and the art is different, but still good.

The songs probably wern't from the G4 show either...

zingline89 18

Judging by your name, you're probably Asian. Go tell him to get out. Thanks to Hollywood, meatheads like him are afraid of Asians cuz they think you can all go Jackie Chan on their ass.

What if, because of Hollywood, OP is a white guy using an Asian name?

That may be the dumbest thing I've seen in a while

4-stereotyping on FML...surprise, surprise.

zingline89 18

18 - I was simply joking. No actual stereotyping is intended and I apologize if any offense was taken

Isn't lingling the Pokemon from the show drawn together?

I think I love you more than the Japanese love tentacle ****, so let's dance dance dance d-d-dance to these stereotypes!

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6, your comment is bad and you should FEEL bad

And here come the rabid bronies, mashing the downvote buttons furiously with their pudgy, Cheetoh dust-encrusted fingers, prolonging the circlejerk that is the brony fandom and denouncing any and all "haters".

Not all bronies are like that, you know..

Why do you find it your duty to go out on every brony comment on this FML and insult them? Seriously, it's not like you're going to get a huge shiny award.

stoptrying 9

It's to mask his own pathetic social life. Can't find anyone who shares your shitty interests? Be with the people who bash on others interests!

#60- Insulting people for enjoying something? Look out, we've got a badass here.

26 and 60 you are both pathetic. Someone finds something entertaining and you think it's stupid, so you insult them? A kid at my school brings My Little Pony toys into school, I don't judge him, but he gets so much shit for it because of ignorant dumbasses like you two. Stop being judgmental assholes and get over the fact that people will like different things than you. Personally, I'm indifferent about My Little Pony and even if I hated it, why would I judge someone for liking it?

priceyfml 7

I didn't like bronies at first but until I found out the show had references to older things that males ages 18-30 can relate to I understood it.

RedPillSucks 31

That's why you don't **** with bronies. They know where you live. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!!!

RedPillSucks 31

I find it funny that 26 is bashing bronies while his profile picture is of a furrie humping someone

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#119 - You obviously haven't watched MLP. Directed at little girls? Ha, the dialogue, vocabulary, and tremendous amounts of innuendos, memes, and references being used is definitely NOT for little girls anymore. :P

inb4 every brony looks at their life one year from now and realizes how stupid they were give it time, it'll happen.

tsent8 15

130 and nothing you say will make it more ironic that your bashing us for watching a kids show and calling us disgusting when your profile pic is of a girl grinding a furry's dong.

60- my comment was not bad, and no, I don't feel bad.

tsent8 15

136- I didn't think it was either someone just fed the trolls and now we have to put up with it.

tsent8 15

I don't think my comment was dumb.What I do think is dumb is that even after it was proven that you had no reason to act like that you still do. And as it has already been stated many times that your calling him disgusting while you have a woman grinding a furry as your profile pic is very stupid of you. You might wanna change that before you make another comment like that.

160, I never thought someone could be this ******* ignorant. I'm at a loss of words from the stupidity. Also, I love how you only have one argument you make against "bronies," whereas I can make dozens of arguments about why you're an ignorant fuckhead that needs to get over himself. Go ahead give me a good reason to hate men that watch MLP. Other than "Because it was made for little girls."

Don't put "My Little Pony" in your juke if you can't handle hearing it. PS - Don't be a wuss.

klovemachine 24

Maybe he didn't have a choice about what kind of songs that go in the jukebox.

MichellinMan 20

What interests me is if he was doing that just to be a prick, or if he's got weird taste in music...

Yea OP don't be a wuss, walk up to him and get your head smashed in (assuming he was trolling). (BTW this was sarcasm)

Why would My Little Pont songs be on a jukebox. I've never seen a jukebox with songs from a show for children.

He either probably doesn't have a life or did it on purpose to piss you off. Also, did the other customers not notice/care or what?

What I want to know, is what the hell kind of place has My Little Pony on the jukebox?

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Jukeboxes in many restaurants these days have updated their songs so there is music that suits all ages.

How many MLP songs are even out there? Aside from the theme song, the other ones I've heard aren't half bad. It is strange any would be on there in the first place though.

Are you talking about songs just from the show? If so, Perfect Stallion, Babs Seed, This Day Aria, Find A Pet, Winter Wrap Up, B.B.B.F.F., Smile, Wasn't Prepared for This ... The list goes on and on. Then there's fanmade stuff, like Loyalty, Rainbow Factory, Discord ...

34- And to add to the other fellows comment, fan-made music probably numbers in the thousands. I've been apart of the fandom for nearly a year and I'm still finding new artists.

RedPillSucks 31

Fan made stuff wouldn't be in the juke box. Babs seed? Was that the porno version? Brono

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#34 - Well... It's an average of 1-3 songs per episode, not including the theme song. I think there are at least 60 episodes. I think you can do that math.

MollyWobbles225 4

Season One: 1. Theme song 2. Giggle at the Ghostly 3. Hop, Skip and Jump (it counts) 4. Evil Enchantress 5. Winter Wrap-Up 6. Stitching It Together 7. Cutie Mark Crusaders song 8. You Gotta Share 9. At the Gala Season Two: 10. Find a Pet (nominated for a Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation) 11. Becoming Popular (nominated for a Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation) 12. Hearth's Warming Eve anthem 13. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 14. Smile Song 15. The Perfect Stallion 16. BBBFF (Big Brother Best Friend Forever) 17. This Day Aria 18. Love is In Bloom Season Three (so far): 19. Success/Failure song 20. Ballad of the Crystal Empire 21. Babs Seed That's not even counting the INSANE number of remixes and original Pony-related compositions made by the fans. You asked.

I thought "Stitching It Together" was called "Art Of The Dress"?

Inediblepeaches 15

11- An awesome one. My name is Pinkie Pie (hello!) and I am here to say Im gonna make you smiiiile and I will brighten up your daaay. It doesn't matter now if you are sad or blue cause cheering up my friends is just what Pinkie's here to do~ :3

This just doesn't seem true to me, rather an attempt to perpetuate some sort of stereotype about the 'brony' What are my little pony songs? If there is such a thing why would they even be on a jukebox? As other posters are also pointing out one man against all the other customers and apparently you are the only staff. Sorry but I just don't buy this.

1215116a 14

Exactly, this just seems too fake. It looks like op trying getting an FML that falls into the "humor" of the big and buff grown-up man liking My Little Pony. If this isn't fake, then I need a reason for the MLP music on it in the first place, like you said. I guess you can get them with modern music, but multiple songs from a cartoon being featured on them? Highly unlikely.

1215116a 14

But songs from a cartoon seem over the edge. Usually if it's modern it's average radio songs.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

23- surprisingly some jukeboxes do have cartoon songs. I was at a diner a few months back and I remember seeing the theme songs for quite a few kids shows listed in the jukebox. I would think some parents don't let young kids listen to modern pop or anything other until they're older so...songs from age appropriate shows are probably needed.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Aw damn, comment was deleted. Never mind.

1215116a 14

I don't have any idea why it's deleted. Damn it. D: