By thefailwhale - 16/06/2012 04:58 - United States - Hartford

Today, it's my birthday. When my crush spotted me in the hallway and wished me a Happy Birthday, my nerves got the best of me and I blurted out, "You too!" FML
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You have a 1 in 365 chance of not looking like a fool.

K_kanaka 26

Awwwwwww how cute (embarrassing) but cute.


hey, at least he knew it's your birthday! maybe he's interested? I'm sure a small mistake as that wouldn't be such a problem :)

You have a 1 in 365 chance of not looking like a fool.

amandalillian 27

Even if you get it within the week you would look pretty smooth

Just giggle and say that you forgot how to say thank you.

jaredofmo 22
Bonzer 2

^ You beat me too it, but the chances of him being born on a leap year is 1/4, so it would be 1 in 365.25 of not looking like a fool.

Getting a bit to technical from the original joke are we..?

It's ok OP whenever I go to the movie theaters and the ticket people tell me to enjoy my movie I always end up saying "thanks you too"

It's not a big deal you should've laughed it off OP. Imagine someone said that to you, you wouldn't think of them as a fool. You'll just laugh because they made a mistake. Or its just me

Looking like a fool is fun though! *enter sarcasm here*

Bonzer that's not how propanol pry works; you don't just add together the chances. (Yes I know we've taken this too far already, just pointing it out.)

Tell him "Happy birthday" from me too!! :D

29, actually the odds are about 365.25. However, if it was anywhere in the next couple of days it would still be pretty cool.

K_kanaka 26

Awwwwwww how cute (embarrassing) but cute.

blcksocks 19

Awwwwww y u no wear shirt, sir?

11) whats wrong with wearing no shirt hm?

blcksocks 19

Peter griffin is an exception

maebelline12 12

Nerves get the best of us sometimes, especially when we are around people we have a crush on. It'll be fine, he'll probably forget about it soon. :)

HonestTruth 5

Crush: Happy Birthday OP: You too. Crush: Neat, you are the first person to tell me Happy Birthday. How did you know? OP: Facebook Crush: I don't have Facebook... *Awkward Penguin*

Even if the OP said 'I just know', the guy would think she is some sort of crazy stalker.

6) lets be serious for a second. Who doesn't have facebook?

What do you use then 42, msn, bebo? Please keep up with modern day communications aside from via text messaging.

#44 - Some people prefer talking to another's face, instead of looking at virtual ASCII code.

44 - Some people don't cling to past and extremely distant friendships like a life preserver. If they're actually close to you, it's called visiting. Or calling. Some people still do that.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#44 - Oh, god, you're one of THOSE people. The kind that expects everyone to keep up with modern ways of communications and have the latest technology. *rolls eyes* I have never even had a phone, and although I have a Facebook, I don't even use it anymore. Not everyone has to "keep up with modern day communication" devices, ********.

I don't have a Facebook. Jeez not everyone does some people still have a life

Lol that's right.. I think most people do have facebook/any other social media, though..

I don't use Facebook... I have. YouTube that I use and that's about it. Most of the time I will either hang out with them, talk with them, and/or play a game with then if I want to communicate with them.

10121995 0

Well as long as you had a great day you should be good.

GVirdi 11

Yeah maybe he thought that was funny and spent alittle time with OP

blcksocks 19

Exactly. This is a weak FML - done this many times *facepalm*

DontClickOnMe 28

Well, I'm sure he knew what you meant. Anyway, Happy Birthday, OP! =)

SystemofaBlink41 27

My birthday's today too :D Well now that I finished saying my useless fact, who wants pie?

My birthday was a few months ago, happy birthday.

kandi_kid69 15

Happy birthday. :D Pie? What flavour?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#55 - Pie flavor. *guitar riff*

Happy Birthday! It's actually my birthday too. But not really, I just wanted to fit in