By jeanstein - 23/03/2011 14:58

Today, I got a call from this drunk man, asking for Celeste. Since I don't know any Celestes, I told him that he had the wrong number. He kept calling for her. Apparently he can't take a hint that she didn't give him her real number, and I get to deal with him. FML
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When I ever I get unwanted calls I pretend to be a guy. It really scares them away.

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the fact that he's drunk and calling repeatedly is no doubt a gigantic turn off though


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lol fyl....i feel very bad for op for the simple fact I've given out the "wrong" number to people I can only imagine how it feels :/

that's why you need to have an emergency backup number at all times, like a restaurant you don't like or a psycho ex.

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Say " This is Celestes, now **** off."

i don't understand why people do this... just grow some balls and say "i'm sorry, but you can't have my phone number"

89, OP could also just give the rejection hotline instead. More fun that way.

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****** block that dudes number. duh.

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Say, " Hey, this is Celestes and this is my address. " and give him a false address. See who he reaches then. :D

they would just call back over time it gets really annoying and if u can just get thro to them then its better

or give another number and say, oh celeste moved, here's her new number:p

Cann you see my comment.. I'm a first timer

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but 2 that would make too much sense

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call him by another name and annoy him :)

date him, check him out ! you never know he could be your dream man ! i met a girl i dumped in the same way ;)

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the fact that he's drunk and calling repeatedly is no doubt a gigantic turn off though

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Ew, maybe if she's desperate enough, but when people call my phone with the wrong number I don't ask them out on a date. i hang up. Lmaoo.

no, what op should do us start messing him, y'know, cause he's drunk and all.

sadly that works only if you are good at talking :)

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Whyd you have to add that you dumped her ?

coz i am a playboy :)that's like my job and i love to do that.

yea the dumping her part is pretty irrelevant. but its weird. hi is joe sorry wrong number but want to go out?

or did you call earlier or am i mistaken ? to start a conversation ?

playboys always end either single & depressed or they start to finally understand that they should move on and start a real love life. I had a childhood friend who was very self-centered playboy, always got the girls, was happy like that, but turns out he got depressed and was more and more looking for love. (often indicates a relational problem with his mother)

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pretend to be Celeste & tell him that your changing your # & give him someone's # you don't like. Then change your #. Problem solved!

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Why the **** couldn't she just change her own number and then be done with him? logic fail.

because it's funnier to pass the bug to another person, duh!! TROLL FAIL!

Why would you change your number after you already gave him another number, stupid.

obviously so that he doesn't come back to troll on you! I bet both of you guys have never pulled a successful practical joke before...

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lmao thank you bubble25 well said...some ppl just don't have a good sense of humor

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pretend to be Celeste and tell him to get a life

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That would get Celeste killed...

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I tried that once. Someone texted me asking for Jerome to play basketball, so i tried to organize a drug deal. :D

block the number dingbat. lolll sorry tho op

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You can't block numbers on all cell services. AT&T for example--all you can do it set that number to a silent ring tone and hope they stop calling.

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Really? I thought all carriers had this feature.

44. I have AT&T and I have a few numbers blocked. You just can't do it on your phone, you have to go to the store, or your account online.

My sister tried to block her insane ex's number and AT&T claimed they couldn't do that so she had to instead change her number.

I used to work for a cell phone company (Virgin Mobile--if you've heard of that horrid company), they do not have that feature. I have Verizon currently and I don't believe that feature is available on their network (I could be wrong though since it has been years since I wanted a number blocked). I just want to reiterate that not every cell phone carrier has that feature.

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should of told him you used to be a man and have a 8 inch wang, man repellant for sure

When I ever I get unwanted calls I pretend to be a guy. It really scares them away.

I'm pretty sure it must be easy for you... BURNNN!!!!

i wonder what if she impresses a gay with her sweet manly voice.

wait. how do you do that? you must be able to make your voice go pretty deep. lol

her voice is girly and sweet and pleasant