By jeanstein
Today, I got a call from this drunk man, asking for Celeste. Since I don't know any Celestes, I told him that he had the wrong number. He kept calling for her. Apparently he can't take a hint that she didn't give him her real number, and I get to deal with him. FML
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playboys always end either single & depressed or they start to finally understand that they should move on and start a real love life. I had a childhood friend who was very self-centered playboy, always got the girls, was happy like that, but turns out he got depressed and was more and more looking for love. (often indicates a relational problem with his mother)

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I used to work for a cell phone company (Virgin Mobile--if you've heard of that horrid company), they do not have that feature. I have Verizon currently and I don't believe that feature is available on their network (I could be wrong though since it has been years since I wanted a number blocked). I just want to reiterate that not every cell phone carrier has that feature.