By Anonymous - / Monday 14 July 2014 23:52 / United States
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I'm going to guess that you quitting is why they realised it does need more than one person. Hopefully you've got a better job now?

The good news: you're not there. The bad news: new folks have it better. The worst news: this kind of crap happens all the time!

This should be good news for your future employer. You have the ability to do two jobs at once! Good for them, bad for you.

sounds like you must have been a rockstar at that job; take the experience, the good reference (hopefully), and get a better job


Sometimes you need to exaggerate extravagantly for the sarcasm to be obvious, even then some miss it. Eg: Your ex-boss seems like such a wonderful personality, putting your need to be overworked ahead of all other petty considerations, like life.

Hopefully you will get a better paying job where your hard work and dedication is noticed OP. As well as you having a valid opinion. :) It's their loss.

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