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Today, I was rubbing my lips against my boyfriend's lips when I said, "Your mustache tickles" in a sexy tone. His response was, "So does yours." FML
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JoSmokes 10

Why couldnt you just say "kissing"? Rubbing? WTF?


jacked! and um that's gross. dnt shave tho; it'll make it worse

hopper5101 11
lalagurl5 0

lol 26 she needs to wa or shave it. and her BF is just mean like tht

KrystalCaliyah 0

lmao @22 OP its okayy. but this FML made me LOL ahahaha

goodgirlgonebad8 0

OP have you ever heard of a thing such as Smooth Away? it definitely works miracle! (:

it's ok. my girlfriend has a mustache too :(

guckylynn 19

Smooth away doesn't work really. it just buffs away dead skin really. I don't see how someone can sexily say your mustache tickles... it's just not a sexy utterance.

Melaniee_fml 0

dontttt shave it. it'll just make it worse. you never know her mustache could be blonde and not noticable. or he couldve just been making a joke

Actually, all girls have a little hair above their upper lip. Some just have it thicker and/or darker. I would suggest waxing it though, no guy wants a girl with a mustache.

I wish I had a mustache to rub against my boyfriends mustache. :(

61- Smooth away didn't work at all for me I used it on my arms and the hair isn't even bad and it didn't work.

wowmomurcool 0

ya u didn't do it right. lol

marie93uso 0

lol it sounds like you're just plain salty

Max24LW 0

@roflinyourwaffle bro ur a complete dumbass no guy is gonna put this on fml u stupid **** even if he did buy a new razor his stache Is going to grow back quit making it seem like if he was gay he would be a lil bitch about his hair growing back

Screw waxing... It's called laser hair removal :)

Veet it baby. Veet it. He's probably just kidding around tho, I doubt it's that long to be able to 'tickle'. :)

OneWordish 0

You now know your boyfriend has some weird mustache fetish. Men usually have mustaches, ever consider that he's gay?

You need to do something about that. whoa!

chuk_norris_fml 0

I FIGURED THIS FML OUT!! OP IS A MAN!!!!!! The OP never lists if he's male or female. It is his gay boyfriend, and therefore there is no FML because he is also a man and it doesn't matter that he has a mustache.

lol'd really hard thats actually funny!!(:

why do girls who smoke have nasty dark wrinkly mustaches ?

HellsKrypt 0

Her BF ain't mean, girls need to take care of that shit. it's nasty.

113, No one ever said he LIKED it. Fact is, he could be using her in some way. She could be a butterface. You never know.

maybe he was talking about the other mustache... the one above the other pair of lips.

jamiebuczko 0

wait which lips? penis ****** or mouth lips? if he was taking bout ur mouth thrn damn ur manly!

69_jackson_69 0

26 has caught on to something, OP could be a guy, it doesn't actually say. I mean I guess it would be kinda stupid to complain on FML if you were a guy, you'll always have a small moustache...

XxDarkSatoshixX 0

lol peach fuzz, guys think it's cute.... actually I don't think so, wax that sh!t!!

JoSmokes 10

Why couldnt you just say "kissing"? Rubbing? WTF?

same thing I was thinking. maybe they were literally rubbing their lips together. hmm?...,

twinny_sc 13

Maybe because they were actually rubbing their lips together and not kissing.

Elenachka 0

exactly...one of my little "things" is that I love rubbing my lips on things (appropriate things lol), especially my bf's skin and rose petals. it just feels nice :) there is a difference between that and kissing... (and I realize that I've set myself up here, but please try to keep the perverse replies at least to a minimum)

kittycat0906 3

No perv here but i agree I love that lol. My bf thinks it's weird that i like rubbing my lips against his neck. He calls it "kitty kisses" LOL! (they call me kitty). It just feels nice Idk but i'm glad theres someone out there that agrees with me!

Elenachka 0

lol that's cute. my bf loves it though, especially on his stomach. the neck and shoulders are nice, so soft :)

HAHAHA omg im sorry but that is funny as hell FYL

SabrinaEstrella 0

If it was peach fuzz I don't think it would bother him, sounds like you should wax it!

4-OP never stated whether they were a dude or a chick. 5-They weren't necessarily kissing.

doink 0

If the OP was a guy, why would their boyfriend's comment upset them enough to want to post it on this site?

because some homosexuals are people too. and as people, they have emotions. i mean i would be pissed if i had purchased a gillette proglide and that shit didn't shave any better than my previous razor.

doink 0

Obviously homosexuals are people. What does that have to do with anything? I just don't think any male would be offended by that statement. Men have noticeable facial hair. Women are not supposed to. Therefore, it's foolish to think the OP is anything but a woman.

why do men who shave choose to do so? because they don't want noticeable facial hair. if the OP were a man and shaved, what does that tell you? now, if the OP's boyfriend made his efforts seem futile, what do you think happens? more importantly, WHY DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF AGAIN? do you not understand?

doink 0

If the OP is in fact a male, then he is a whiny bitch for complaining about his noticeable facial hair. But I highly doubt ANY guy would feel upset if their significant other commented on their moustache. Oh, and a not-so-close shave is hardly FML worthy.

transsexuals would be just as whiny as a woman, not to mention identify the self as a female. here we would have a biological male who is mentally a female. we can keep going at this, or you can just admit that the fact that the OP COULD be a male is just as viable.

doink 0

If the OP does in fact consider themself as transsexual, they would identify as being a woman, not a man. So again, the only way this would be an FML is if they were a woman. But to make you feel better, you are right. There is a 50/50 chance that it is a man. Now, do you want a cookie?

35, if they were a feminine homosexual and went to the extremes (emotional... the whole bit, which I've seen happen!) since they basically act like a female, they would be offended if they had even the tiniest bit of hair where they tried their damndest to get rid of it. Us girls would be offended if we thought we shaved closely (on our legs), only to have our guy say, hey, wanna borrow my razor? Feels like you haven't shaved in a week. If the person is a transgender, sure, they would identify as a woman. UNLESS THEY WERE PRE-OP.

doink 0

That's one of the stupidest things I've ever read. They only identify themselves as a woman if they are post-op? You have got to be kidding me.

I personally know one, so I guess if it's stupid, it's stupid. Whatever, that's her problem. She dresses like a man, acts like a man, pretty much is a man except for her physical appearance, which hasn't totally been altered yet. All of her friends, including me, still call her Jenn. She goes by both Jayson and Jenn; more commonly Jenn. Guess that's her problem if it is stupid; just saying it's what I've seen.

I thought the whole reason they were surgically altering their appearance is because they have alway identified as a woman so they were making their bodies match their minds.