By dumbass - 12/01/2017 09:37

Today, I emailed my fiancé the assignment that I was handed for a journalism job interview, asking for him to take a look and give opinions about it. I accidentally e-mailed it to the job interviewer. She responded, and even CCed it to the CEO. FML
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<p>I would really like to know how that went.</p>

Perhaps it was so amazing the interviewer wanted to show the top dogs of the company.

<p>But what if it was a brilliant piece she even wanted to bring it to the attention of the CEO?</p>

That's why you pay attention to the person you're sending it to before you hit send.

<p>The assignment? That sounds dodgy. Never work without getting paid for it.&nbsp;</p>

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Many places put you through a "test" or give you a small project to do so they can see what you can do. If you pass, then they'll give you an appointment for the interview, and if not then they won't waste anymore time.

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I agree but if this is a journalism they may want to see that you can gather facts and write an info on something with a deadline.