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exactly, I got mine on less than a month ago, but I wasn't lacking anything even in the first few days. I have a mollar to mollar herbst aswell and if you know what that is then you know it's not a lot of fun, and i got mine 2 days before christmas. I think you should gain some food knowledge before you die of mal-nourishment. Pudding and weight loss milkshakes? For goodness sake :/

By  Kiyoha  |  0

Aww, braces, right? I have them too. I can't eat anything for a week or more after they've been tightened. It sucks. But it never occurred to me to write an FML about it

  kiddymeal  |  0

a week or more? wow, I usually have my appt. around 4 so after I get mine tightened and what not I can go home and eat dinner when it's done with no problem. The only time I ever had pain was the day after and the second day after I got my braces on.

By  Filitov  |  0

There are a LOT more foods you can eat besides Slimfast & pudding after getting braces or having maintenance done on your braces. It's your own damn fault for just sticking to those two particular foods.