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Today, it's been a full week since my last orthodontist appointment and I still can't eat anything besides Slimfast and pudding. FML
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What about yogurt? Juice? Smoothies? Cream of wheat? You lying sack of excrement.


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What are you talking about? I will kill anyone or anything just to eat pudding..... (I would prefer to kill Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears)

Then don't post your comments as replies to #1 if they aren't relevant.

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braces SUCK! that's exactly what they're like.

omg.. I had braces.. first week is hell! I was eating jelly lol

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honeylove... no shit dumbass

I had to have a jaw widener springs elastics soo much stuff and it really hurts but it's worth it!

Ya I had to tighten my jaw and wear rubber bands to close the stupid gap. But now I have pretty white straight teeth! And OP at least you'll get/stay skinny! :)

I didn't mean tighten my jaw. I had to have that stupid thing that twists and hurts cuz it's making a space for the braces. Gah it's been years since I had braces.

The first day of when I had braces I had to eat mushy food. That was it...

you guys are a bunch a bitches. I work as an ortho assistant and I currently have braces. I hope it hurts! I love hurting my patients! mwahahahahahahah

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I have them and the second day they stopped hurting pussy

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Look at the bright side, you can suck down cup after cup of chocolate pudding until you're full :)

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at least she's not lactose intolerant

I give it three weeks, then the pain will be gone =)

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It depends on the person. If op's a pussy, could take longer. And judging by the slim fast, it doesn't look good.

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You've obviously never had braces before. You go back monthly to get them tightened and you're to where you were

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Not me. I have to get them tightened every 10 weeks.

Aww, hopefully you'll soon be able to eat again! Until then, drink lots of smoothies, they're delicious ^^

Stick to the slimfast so you won't be so fat.

What about yogurt? Juice? Smoothies? Cream of wheat? You lying sack of excrement.

Mashed potatoes? Jello? Milk? Spaghetti-O's?

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exactly, I got mine on less than a month ago, but I wasn't lacking anything even in the first few days. I have a mollar to mollar herbst aswell and if you know what that is then you know it's not a lot of fun, and i got mine 2 days before christmas. I think you should gain some food knowledge before you die of mal-nourishment. Pudding and weight loss milkshakes? For goodness sake :/

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u don't eat slimfast u drink it

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Aww, braces, right? I have them too. I can't eat anything for a week or more after they've been tightened. It sucks. But it never occurred to me to write an FML about it

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a week or more? wow, I usually have my appt. around 4 so after I get mine tightened and what not I can go home and eat dinner when it's done with no problem. The only time I ever had pain was the day after and the second day after I got my braces on.

wow, mine are just a tiny bit sore when I bite down after getting them tightened. but I can eat just fine.

There are a LOT more foods you can eat besides Slimfast & pudding after getting braces or having maintenance done on your braces. It's your own damn fault for just sticking to those two particular foods.

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Why don't you have some soup, you weirdo. You have a disturbingly limited knowledge of food.