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Today, it dawned on me that I've been married for 6 months, but because of the Army I've spent only around 12 days total with my wife. FML
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Last time I checked, we were free before we were in this war. We actually invaded THEM. Not to say I don't have respect for the troops, but we are fighting in a war that isn't ours. And for my pre-determined response to the people that will ramble on about how they attacked us first: Not one Iraqi has ever killed any of our people on our soil. 9/11 was mainly Saudi Arabians. As for OP, I'm terribly sorry for you. I don't think your life is fuckable, nor do you deserve it at all. You have a wife that loves you enough to stick by you for long periods at a time without seeing you. Be happy you have her, she sounds like a great girl.

So this guy is crazy about me, but we haven't ever been on a date because he went to the marines before he contacted me again. He was supposed to come back in June but it was postponed till August. So I know how that sucks for you. Hopefully things will get better. (I support you for being in the Army, btw)


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gotta love irrelative comments that make smart-ass ppl reply to make them feel better. Guess what? It worked!

Fuck You All You Worthless Pieces Of Shit! I would love to see what would happen if people like the OP didnt join the Army/Navy/Air Force/etc. You would be crying like the little bitches that you are sucking the dick of Arabian bastards. Fuck You for bashing this guy and the Army, if you dont like it Get the FUCK OUT of this country and move to France with the pussys who also bashed us, hey if it wasnt for us, yeah I mean the men in the Armed Forces, not you haters, those same French assholes who are bashing us would be speaking German. So fuck all you haters and get the fuck out of this country. I am Proud to Be a Fucking American. Thank You OP for serving and protecting us, even the little bitches.

Aniland = loser. What a pathetic little b*tch.

Look, I appreciate the military and all those who join and serve. Seriously, if it weren't for you guys, we'd have been bumm-fucked and ruined by now. However, You did sign up for it dude... really. It's not the military's fault you signed up and agreed to be shipped off. But ty for doing so.

Exactly what #178 said. People are fucking dieing for our country to protect it. And you're going to bash them? I hate all you fucking morons that are against the people in the army. If it wasn't for them, we would all be dead. Please move to France where all the pussies are. France has been the pussiest country forever. In WW2, they joined our side just as the war was ending because they're pussies and didn't want to fight at the start. I'd also like to see you join the army. You wouldn't last a fucking second.

OK first of all, WHAT THE FUCK STOP DUMPING ON THE FRENCH!!!! oh my god!! and Joe2794, you are a fucking idiot. Have you ever even opened up a history book?! Saying that the French joined Allied forces (the side the U.S was on in case your too dumb to know that) only at the end of the war is COMPLETELY inaccurate and so stupid. The French were fighting since the beginning of the war dumbass. I am French-American and I love and take pride in both of my countries. So stop making these shitty ass comments about my one of my countries, especially if they are totally wrong. I support the military 100% because my brother is serving and has been to Iraq 3 times (he is also French-American) Who the HELL do you think you are saying all these things about France you asshole. France is a beautiful and inspiring country, you are just to idiotic to realize that. So fuck you and VIVE LA FRANCE! take that bitch!

wow calm down. you're forgetting quite a few battles when your army retreated, and other armies had to step in to save you. i agree with you though,assholes tht bash the army are just that. No matter what military it is, these men and women give up luxuries to help defend their homes, and it isn't their fault political leaders are sometimes dumbasses, so give them a break, blame the government :P

Guess what: You're more anti-French than they are anti-American. Big whoop, they pulled out of this war because they really didn't need to stay there. We shouldn't be there now, really. But we can't just pull out, cuz that would be a show of weakness. in WWII, between Britain and France, that was a hell of a fight to put up to contain communism. If they hadn't have even tried, you'd be under whatever seized control after Hitler.

you don't hav to love war to love america i support and feel bad the the OP but think this war is dumb. sorry OP this is sad!

Hey, I'm glad you guys are in favor of the Army and crap, but don't start dumping all of your crap on other countries like if you were the only civilized country on earth and have to be protected from us barbarians. I scoff at your pride in America, because it only represents pride in ignorance and stupidity. And you ARE NOT AMERICA. You are the US. America is the whole f*cking continent, and we are all ashamed to be sharing it with you disgusting representations of the worst levels of human degradation. Your country is full of human slime, people who would be better of dead. I hope one day you may realize this and become normal people, but I believe and hope your government collapses sooner. Your long-awaited end will come soon, and the world will be cleansed of you, the true barbarians of modern civilization.

Thank you, thank you.

Hey Colombus, if the United States is so horrible, then why do a lot of people from your country risk their lives everyday to make it across the border into our country?

I think aniland is referring to iBimmer's history of stupid "YDI for "

I'm not Mexican, asshole. Now go eat a dick.

Colombus, while I agree with most of your statements, this is what your profile says: Town/Country : Mexico, Mexico.

AT LEAST you got the cock.

My fiancé is in the navy and we haven't been able to get married yet cause we don't wanna say goodbye right after we get married. he's a submariner so he's out for long times... but I understand :( for those of you critisizing this man cause he signed up and shouldn't complain, you should know many men sign up to support a wife and family and being away from them is the hardest thing in this world. I feel for ya man, and your wife. good luck and I hope you're together soon!

even little bitches who use grown up words but spell them incorrectly? lucky you!

or how about little bitches who can't even spell their own username correctly? double lucky you!!

clearly patriotism does not necessarily equate to basic grammar and spelling skills; nothing like being shamed by someone who doesn't even have a grip on the language they're using to shame you with!

hahahaha faggot. if you're in the American army and fighting in Iraq then you deserve every shitty day you get. why? because you're fighting a useless war so your fatass greedy government can steal all the middle easts oil and turn them into third world countries. and war is murder I don't care what you say. you army brats have been brainwashed into believing you're doing good. hahaha fags.

That completely sucks.

The army didn't have a gun to your head to join right?

Gotta agree that it was OP's choice to join the army, but that could've happened long before he fell in love and wanted to get married. Either way, it sucks that he can't be with his wife more, but his life is not fucked because he's doing what he wanted to do by being in the army and he has a wife who will stand by his side. His life is just unfortunate for the time being. The war will end eventually.

I've decided a while ago that I wouldn't join the army because I'd rather raise a family.

Don't join the army if you want to be around your wife all the time. I don't understand why people join the army then complain about being in the army. There hasn't been a draft yet, people!

He could have joined right after high school for the money because he felt he didn't have another option, then got deployed after the war started. That's what happened to my sister with the Army Reserves, so she also had to leave right after she got married.

that's what you get for going into the army, YDI.

That's why people shouldn't join the army for money. There's so many other ways (like a job!) to get money. Despite unemployment, there are a lot of opening for minimum wage jobs that people with no other options can take. They don't need to join the army. He should have been expecting to go to war. We're in the middle of two wars with another one on the horizon. You'd have to be an idiot to join the army during a war and not expect to deployed.

Dude, same could be said to people who have jobs. Why get a job if you are just gonna sit there and piss and moan? Who gives a shit if there hasn't been a draft? Just because it "dawned" on him that shit was this way doesn't mean he didn't have an idea that this sort of thing would happen.

Who said he was deployed or that he joined for money? Yay for a minimum wage job. You should stop to think "Hmm maybe he joined because college is a bitch and a half to pay for". He could be stationed in Korea where it is damn near impossible to bring your family over and thus it is easier to travel without dependants.

it's extremely hard to get a job. harder then you think. for some people going to the army is a good thing it pays for collage for you and pays you. i would not ever join but i guess some people need it. jobs are hard to find it's not like finding the right outfit for a party or something, jerkface!

You live in a sad, sad world if you'd throw away your principles for a little money and the possibility to die.

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Shut the fuck up, this guy is a hero. He does what a weak asshole like you could never do. FYL dude. Got my respect for being in the Army though. After you've done your part, keep away from reinlistment. Go bang your wife. Thanks for protecting us.

How cute, e-rage.

no. thats wrong. i don't see how anyone could say he deserves it. he's fighting for the country and what he deserves is respect. if you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them. OP-yeah that does suck but hopefully you will be with her soon. thanks for fighting for all of us.

He is a hero? He probably did horribly in school, and it was the only thing left. People in the Army need to get REAL jobs. Actually work for something in your life. Don't just sign a paper and receive everything. He deserved it. He joined the Army knowing he would be gone. It's his own fault. Stop pitying those who chose their fate.

Being in the army isn't a REAL job? You do work and you get paid. How is that not a real job, by definition, leaving out the risk to your life and limbs, etc.? And how dare you just assume that he didn't do well in school? I'd like to see you try it sometime, you asshole. Have a little more respect; I don't care if you don't support the war, I don't support the war, but that doesn't give you any right to insult someone who agreed to give everything of himself towards the protection of your sorry little ass. That's what the army IS. That's what people agree to do when they sign up.

Protect me from what? My life isn't in danger. If it was, I would be perfectly capable of handling it on my own. The only reason my life would be "in danger" would be due to the actions of my own country, and the actions of the military. I was in JROTC in high school for 4 years. I know the kinds of people who joined. 95% had no other "choice."

A hero for joining the army?

A hero for joining the army? Please! Most people join the army after high school because it's either that or end up in some dead end minimum wage job. They join for practicality not patriotism and they're the ones that end up in the front lines. The officers who ACTUALLY GO TO COLLEGE AND GRAD SCHOOL hardly ever see action. My brother joined after med school and guess what? He has never stepped outside a military hospital and the other one joined the Airforce after grad school and all he does is do paperwork and boss around the grunts who joined straight from high school OP and others like him deserve it. Oh and 26, educate yourself before jumping on the patriotism bandwagon.

You said it: He AGREED to sign up. The dangers as well as the benefits come with the job. Doctors also save lives but do I see someone cheering my parents after they do surgery on some idiot? NOPE. They get chewed out because they charged "obscene" sums for the surgery. They also gave something of themselves: their huge 1 million malpractice insurance a year and the chances of being sued by some hick. How is that any different? He AGREED to it; I don't have to feel sorry for him because I DIDN'T ASK HIM TO JOIN!

BUT HAVE THEY ATTACKED YET? NOPE! ARE WE THERE IN THESE COUNTRIES THAT ACTUALLY POSE A DANGER? NO!!!!!!!! UNTIL THEY ATTACK WE ARE NOT IN DANGER. Say I tell you now I'm going to beat the snot out of you,will you consider yourself in danger? no. until I actually come up to you and start beating you will you then react. If we are in danger WHY NOT ATTACK THESE COUNTRIES? HAVE WE DONE THAT?? NO! We're too busy "bringing democracy" to Iraq.

see my post about signing up but waiting till after grad school so I can be an officer ALL THE SAME WAY my brothers did it: one joined AFTER medical school. wanna try again?

I love how the only thing the post said was "because of the army" and like 50 people assume he came right out of High School. Who's to say he didn't go to college, WANT to be in the army, then fall in love and get married and not be able to leave?

P.S. Why wait until we're actually in danger to fight back? Oh so we can't stop them BEFORE they up and decide to attack? "Look this country's building up a giant arsenal of nuclear weapons and has a detailed map of the USA with target areas on it." "Oh, that's okay. They haven't attacked yet." (Not the exact case, but you see my point.)

@119- You -really- are going to try to pass off time spent in JROTC as military experience, you cow?

Agreed, also, even if he did join out of highschool, that dosen't make him an idiot. I think it'd be awesome if people stopped filling in blanks that weren't even there in an effort to say something negative. The post said he realized that he couldn't see his wife because of the army. Not, I realized that I'm in the army. He's focusing on his wife. Also, wtf is up with the whole "we aren't being attacked yet." thing, we aren't being attacked because the army is protecting us, duh. If we didn't have an army, we would've been taken over long ago, living probably much worse than we do now. People seriously have to get off their pedestals just because they've had some sort of encounter with a similar thing.

Agreed!! How can you call one of our soldiers cowards when they are overseas fighting for our country. What have we been reduced to, have respect for your fellow man. FYL for you man that sucks, and i hope you make it home soon to see your wife. Thanks for joining the military and helping America stay American, even if there are a bunch of assholes who dont know any better to say otherwise.

#141 Take a second and read what you just read. You moron. Respect to this guy for doing what he does and obviously military life does not sit hand in hand with domestic arrangements, and i doubt he expects it to either. If you are with someone worth waiting for then you'll be together eventually. I'm British and our lads and girls in conflict zones deserve support, even if we dont agree with the political elements of what they are being asked to do. Respect to the Yanks, Canadians, Danes and mainly E. European troops for standing together

Woah- He's the weak asshole? Who's the one going against what any normal person would believe (that they shouldn't kill other humans). Now, I understand that this guy could have another job in the army, but no matter what he's contributing to murder. That's weak if you ask me. Does suck that you can't see your wife though.

Why does he deserve our respect? because he took a dangerous job? Nah. I know plenty of soldiers, some are good people and deserve respect, others, not so much. Also, to say he's out there fighting to protect our country is a touch disingenuous, it'd be a touch more accurate he's fighting because the current and previous administration decided to erroneously attempt a preemptive attack on Iraq, with plenty of evidence existing that the reasons for our attack were in fact far different. I am happy to have an army to protect us against attacks against tyrants, the last major war where this was the case was arguably WWII, but when we become the tyrants and the aggressors, then we have a problem. It saddens me that so many have fallen into the pro war/soldier propaganda that no one can say anything negative about either one with being told to get the fuck out of the country. Makes me proud to be an american :/

Im in the Army and im married to a Marine. Weve only seen each for nine days since we got married and weve been married for 5 months. You are a piece of s*&t. Im not complaining about the service. Do you want to tell me that the Army was the only choice I had. You are an idiot then because I was Salutatorian in high school and right after I graduated I joined. Also, Im not afraid of going to college cause Im going now. You are pathetic, judging everyone that joins the military. Do you think this country would survive without us? Think about that.

Have you guys heard of Costa Rica? They have no army. Has anyone heard of them being attacked? Sure respect the troops because they kill people to "keep us safe". Isn't that technically murder which gets overlooked?

Ditto's on the thanks. To all who are against this man because he is in the army fuck you! If you can freely post here you should thank a soldier, if you can post from the U.S. (or France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan, South Korea) you should thank the American soldier. This man is a hero and he is sacreficing most of the first year of his marriage to help you. To OP THANK YOU for serving, God bless, and keep up the good work.

You could probably chalk up a couple more countries on that list b/c there is no telling how many we actually saved during WW2... Oh and Bollywood... You are a dumb fuck and should probably do the world a favor and kill yourself

And I'm sure that works wonderfully for Costa Rica. However, the US is a much bigger country with more enemies. Costa Rica has not been prying into other countries business for a couple hundred years and Costa Rica has very little in terms of value. As soon as the US stopped having a military, we'd be attacked the next second by all our enemies.

Not everyone is just itching to destroy us! besides even id they were then maybe we should think about being a better country instead of hurting other countries. I think Obama can help with that he's a good president. It's not like were a giant target for other countries they have better things to do then always think about attacking us. Only one terrist thing has happenned to us in my lifetime so it can't be that bad. Still though i am so sorry for victims of 9/11 and other stuff. Sorry OP, don't reinlist if you want to be with ur family. That would be sad though i do feel bad for you!! On the bright side you have something to look forward to and come home to! good luck OP.

r u kidding me. listen to yourself all u do is bash the army . they are keeping this very great country safe . ya u may say that we r not in danger but tell me this do u want another 9/11 before we attack the bad guys or would u rather save american lives. i know u dont have the sack to join the army and protect your country. all you ppl do is bash the army and bash the goverment and the country. if you dont like how this country is wanna know wat to do it is very simple? MOVE OUT!!!!!!! go, move to mexico or something complain about their government and believe me this country will be much better off with out u

Yeah, like the great job the army did on preventing 9/11 itself.

That didn't count for anything. That's like saying: "I left the door open but I put a piece of paper up that said 'don't steal anything' and it definitely works because nobody stole anything." It's not worth anything to say that.

People like number 312 are why I'm afraid that everyone is allowed to vote in America. Take away the military and watch what happens.

Rest assured, I don't live in america. However, I'd love to see what happens.

No, it is not technically. Murder: Main Entry: 1mur·der Pronunciation: ˈmər-dər Function: noun Etymology: partly from Middle English murther, from Old English morthor; partly from Middle English murdre, from Anglo-French, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English morthor; akin to Old High German mord murder, Latin mort-, mors death, mori to die, mortuus dead, Greek brotos mortal Date: before 12th century 1 : the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought 2 : Law. the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).

hollywood there is one problem with ur thinking. if everyone wen tto the army AFTER grad school and everyone got jobs BEHIND the lines and dont see any actions how the fuck are we supposed to fight? i thank ur brother for protecting us but he is just as much american and part of the amry as the people on the front lines so if ur bashing the people fighting u r pretty much bashing ur brother

why did you get married if you know your in the army???

Just because someone joins the military doesn't mean that the rest of their life has to end. My dad joined when he was 17, married, had 5 kids and retired after 30 years. Military is just another job to some people. Yes it is a sacrifice but they know that going in.

here comes the douchey, self-righteous "ydi because you're in the army" comments.

its doucher not douchey

There's nothing self-righteous about those comments. Destroying a country and thinking you're a hero?

wtf? hes in the army, hes not the fucking president who put us there. u cant criticize someone who didnt make the decision to go to iraq/afghanistan. and how do you know its not his wife thats in the army? my aunt and uncle are both in the army and he's home and shes away. please be a little more respectful for those doing you a favor by enlisting so that you dont have to

I'm not happy that they enlisted. No soldiers = no army.

Wow, that is the most nearsighted, naive comment I've heard in a VERY long time...

Are you aware of the fact that is the men and women in the military today who have chosen to do this weren't willing to do so, there will probably be a draft in place... Some people just sit on their asses all day and take everything for granted...These people risk their lives for ungrateful people like you. YOu have a fucking right to bitch and complain because of what they do...

He's ONE GUY. You can't blame him for the entire war. I don't see him thinking he's a hero in the OP, either, do you? All he said is that he misses his wife. Dear god, why do people have to read so much into this? Can't you just take it at face value, a guy who's separated from is wife?

And no enlisting= drafting

My sister is in the army but she has never destroyed anything or anyone -- she fixes medical equipment to SAVE lives. And no, I'm not a war supporter and neither is she.

Now that's where you made a HUGE mistake. He's not protecting me, because I'm lucky enough not to LIVE in the US. I realise this is hard to grasp, but outside of the US, there are OTHER countries. I know it's a scary thought, but there are other people except for americans. Plus, protecting you? From what? I don't see an invasion force at the american border that the army is protecting against. Get of your fucking high horse. By the way, the hero thing was meant at people who were making him out for such.

I am happy to join the Army and protect your right to say that # 56.

Well if you don't live in the US why the fuck would we care if you want us to have an army or not?? Your a dumbass. Also living in the Netherlands it must be really painful for you to know that we saved your ass in WW2... i'm sorry idiot you can hate on the US all you want but if it wasn't for us you would be A German or dead...

#240 You wouldn't defend my right to say it at all. As far as I know, even if I were in the army, that's in the constitution, which every citizen should defend, right? And as the comment below you pointed out, I don't live there. And this is an entirely different time. The army has completely different objectives these days.

Wrong arienh4. Every citizen should uphold the Constitution but the military is the one that protect those rights for the citizens. If you are not in the US, STFU. This has nothing to do with you. Thank you OP and anybody else that is in the military here for your service.

hey arienh4, I don't know where you come from, but here in America, we support our soldiers. If you don't live in the United States, then why do you verbally attack our soldiers?

Because your soldiers physically attack countries with no reason at all. And #265 unfortunately the US Army is one of the biggest misguided group on this world so it does actually concern all the 6.8 billion people living on this globe.

Dude, blame our government, not the soldiers.

I blame the soldiers for choosing to obey the government voluntarily.

So besides Iraq, what countries have our soldiers attacked with no reason at all?

I don't think it's all that voluntary once you join, but MAN do I agree on this whole "he's a hero because he joined the army" kick. My friend joined the army recently because he is too lazy to get a real job and doesn't want to go back to school--then has the nerve to come back and say he's a soldier. Not a soldier, just playing one. As a military brat, i know for a fact, there are many that are heroes and have joined for the right reasons, or at least have grown into the position even if they hadn't, but please let them earn the title of "hero."

So this guy is crazy about me, but we haven't ever been on a date because he went to the marines before he contacted me again. He was supposed to come back in June but it was postponed till August. So I know how that sucks for you. Hopefully things will get better. (I support you for being in the Army, btw)

cheer up chump. it's not as if you're gonna die and never see your wife again.

He's in the army. You never know when this guy could die.