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  suckstobyou  |  0

Wait. how does joining the Navy give your wife a better life? You're just away from her more and if she likes being away from you then that relationships not gonna last long at all.
Thats a big step btw joining the Navy JUST for your wife?

  L4m3r  |  3

suckstobyou, there are two ways that joining the military will give the wife a better life:

-She can spend all the money he makes without any control or input on his part.
-She can sleep around as much as she wants.

It's really horrid how common this seems to be... if I ever got drafted, I'd break things off with my SO.


You people really don't know what you're talking about..

The vast majority of married Navy members with family actually get to LIVE with their family, with the obvious exceptions of bootcamp and deployment. It's not like the old days where we leave them back home for 4+ years.

OP, welcome to the Navy. Believe me, it's better this happens now than later. It only gets worse over time, trust me, I know. The Navy kills even some of the most solid relationships. Next time you end up getting seriously involved with someone, make complete, 100% sure they know what they're getting into, and be careful. Best of luck.

  miianah1  |  22

This will probably get a lot of hate but did you even discuss how she felt about it, OP? Maybe to her, a "better life" is being with her husband, and working through financial problems together. Not all women are okay with their spouse being gone for months, or YEARS, at a time. It does suck, OP, but she's not a bitch, in my opinion. FYL :(

  tsundere  |  1

You do realize that she really ISN'T single, as there's no mention of a divorce. The most logical scenario here is that she's been going around pretending she's single now and hitting on people that she doesn't have her husband there.

FYL though. That really sucks.

  biscuiteater  |  0

#8 YOU realize he is in the United States NAVY. Not the Army, right? He's doing his job so you can afford to be ignorant.

@OP. You being in the armed services is making YOU a better man, she doesn't deserve you. Atleast you can say you've grown up. Divorce her.
Also, thank you for serving. I ship out to Great Lakes in January. I'm envious of you. :}

  tubesocks_  |  0

No, if you'd said military, then yes that would've been correct. But you said Army. The Army and the Navy are completely different, therefore they are not the "same." And i feel the need to add that you have a bullheaded opinion. I want to know why you think the MILITARY is bullshit.

  arienh4  |  0

Because military forces like to ruin other countries for selfish reasons. Or, rather, the government likes to, the military forces do it for them and think it's a good thing too. That's what's wrong with the military. Anyone want to have an in-depth discussion about this I'm always open to PMs, because I know what kind of flamewar these kinds of FMLs become.

  somefacts  |  0

How does the military improve your life? Lets start with discipline, experience (leadership), more skills in life, and friendships that'll last a life time. There are things like killing people which are not the best for people's lives but in many cases that is a sacrifice people make, and seeing mortality and devastation in life gives a perspective which most people don't get which can put life in perspective.

By  Hazy_fml  |  0

Ho ho ho, a woman screws her husband over when he decided to join the service, and fight for their freedom.
Breaking news, tonight at 11!

(Sorry to hear that, mate. My sympathy to you. Stay safe.)