By scarletdurose88 - 19/04/2009 21:47 - United States

Today, is my 21st birthday. I get home after my night out and walk into the garage to see a 2002 Red Corvette convertible. I run up to the car thinking its a gift and there's a note: "Dani this is not your birthday present. Quit drooling on my car. -Dad" Thanks Dad. FML
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Why would they give you such an expensive car??? Buy your own car, you're an adult!


Wow, what a jerk. He could've at least made a nicer note. :l Oh, and first. :)

seriously your dads awesome! I would've cracked up if my dad did that too me.

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haha ydi for expecting yourvparents to buy you everything

He didn't expect everything, he just thought he got a car.

The 2002 corvettes burn oil anyway so don't worry about it too much OP :p

hahahaha that's what you get for being a freeloader, now move out your 21 freaking years old!

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You're 21; buy one yourself; but, anyways, that would make me mad too just because I would be hyped up at first.

Yeah because every 21 year old starts off with a loaded bank account and can buy a corvette for themselves...

Well, who says it has to be a new one. Old Corvettes from the 80s and 90s look quite cool and are a lot more affordable. My first car was 15 years old and it was easily affordable after one summer job. And despite its age and lots of km it was in a real good shape. Ok, it was Japanese, I picked it for quality and not for coolness. Also repairs were a lot cheaper as I got the replacements from scrapyards, and they brought me closer to my Dad since he usually helped me doing the repairs. What's better for father-daughter-bonding than repairing a car?

Your dad's cool. I would have laughed so hard at that joke.

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