Bad idea

By Anonymous - 19/04/2009 21:44 - United States

Today, I was on a friend's trampoline trying to convince my mom that trampolines are safe and we should get one. While telling her, I smashed my knee into my face. I jumped off bleeding, slipped, hit my head on the trampoline, and got knocked unconscious. FML
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skitz 0

how ironic.

akeep5 0

so did you get a trampoline or not?


skitz 0

how ironic.

Looks like you proved her wrong lol jk

maybe he will let you borrow it sometime :)

i dislocated my elbo on a trampalean it realy hurt

Maybe it effected more than your arm.

Wow that sucks. For the record trampolines aren't safe.

jason2468 0

really #3 I didn't know that right after reading this dumbass. (acting as op)

Trampolines are not safe if you use them improperly. That said, accidents can still happen like in this case

akeep5 0

so did you get a trampoline or not?

I'm sorry to hear you are retarded. I have a trampoline and can do flips and crap. It's so funny seeing people fly off and hit my fence or watching people break their legs on youtube.

Anonymous212_fml 0

ouch.. good job. So did you get the trampoline?

Despite your fml, the trampoline is the greatest invention ever.

ill take it your very young. but im tired of all these FML's 'i tried to convince or prove a point .. and the complete opposite happens FML'

sucks.. noone said first so i am yes!

i guess your mom is going to be getting you a football helmet instead