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Today, I was walking a dog at the animal hospital where I work when it pooped out a rag-like object. I told the doctor, who told me to clean it off to see what it was. It was a rainbow-colored thong. We have to give it back to the owner when they pick their dog up. FML
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  katties  |  27

The dog probably got ill because it ate it. I don't think not telling the owner is a good idea. They probably don't need to tell that it was the rainbow coloured one it ate, but the owner should know - it can maybe prevent such situations in the future - not all dogs are smart and stop eating things even after getting problems

  dannnngthatsux  |  19

I disagree. if the animal is eating things that could harm it, say clothing, then it's your job as a vet, tech, etc, to give them both the object and info. if they don't know, the dog may do it again, and this time die. Sure it's embarrassing, especially if it's a guy, but don't hide this.

  dannnngthatsux  |  19

whoops, replied before I saw your reply. I think the exact object needs to be shown, if they then say "um, please throw it out", sure dumpsterino. I have 3 women in the house, Which one is he stealing from? Whose room?

  lb0812  |  18

Lol I just submitted an FML about this. One of the more vile things I've witnessed.
& @48, my dog seemed to have swallowed the thing whole and then vomited it up fully in tact. Sorry. TMI