By samantha - United States
Today, in the fitting room at Old Navy, a customer asked me if we sold Calvin Klein jeans. I replied "no ma'am, this isn't a department store, we only sell Old Navy jeans." She left, and complained to my manager, who informed me that "the customer is always right." FML
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By  amelinat  |  0

I guess you should have said 'yes, we sell Calvin Klein jeans at our branch down the street and round the corner with the big sign that says Calvin Klein jeans'

Some people just like to complain to hear the sound of their own voice.

By  csigabajnok  |  0

#4 LOL :)

Should've asked your manager to show you where they're kept. Once, my teacher told me "The customer is _almost_ always right." because he understood that people are stupid as shit, and it's their fault if they are.