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Today, I received an almost $400 bill for Internet services I don't even have. When I called and talk to them they told me I still owe them $77 because I didn't catch it within 3 months. FML
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Talk to the head of the billing department. No flunkey is allowed to remove a bill entirely.


I have a feeling that would cost a lot more than just paying the $77

Where does he say there's a contract. He says he doesn't have these services. No obligation to pay. It's a criminal offense (fraud) for a company to issue a bill after being informed it's incorrect.

i have to disagree 39. ive been charged for a service i never even asked for. i just got bills and i didnt have that company or service. it seems to me OP saysbhe is getting charged internet services and i feel maybe he saw the bills from the provider and thought it was offers and didnt bother to open them. maybe a letter came with "urgent" so he opened and saw he was being charged for something he didnt want nor got. nowhere does it say he had any business with that company and the internet service was an extra he was being charged.

Right. I never had service with them so how was I supposed to know they wee billing me monthly?!

No I have no contract with them I have never met with anyone from there company. Signed any papers. Nothing. I am an adult and have been paying bills for some time. I'm not just making this up

Talk to the head of the billing department. No flunkey is allowed to remove a bill entirely.

Just because someone works for a call center doesn't mean they are a flunky. Some of them maybe but most of them are most likely going through school or they couldn't find a job in their field of study.

flunky doesn't mean failure, it means the employee who does customer service has no authority, they need their bosses permission to do anything except take payments from customers and read off their policies etc

Man, people get offended so easily nowadays..

Were you paying extra for a service you didn't have for over 3 months? If so how did you not catch that earlier?

Op said he is paying for the Internet service that he don't have. So I don't think there is anything to catch..

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#5 The company says OP still owes money because he didn't catch the mistake within 3 months. Ergo they've been billing him by mistake for over 3 months without him noticing. I assume he has the bill on autopay for him to not notice for so long.

if he received the bill obviously it wasn't paid. but when he told them he didn't have service they tried to bill him 77$which is most likely illegal.

it doesnt say he was paying. he got a bill for 400 meaning he owes them thay much. maybe he saw the bills from a company he doesnt use and thought they might be offers only and didnt bother to open them intil after 3 months

I had the same problem with capital one. They signed me up for a credit card I didn't apply for and then sent me to collections because I didn't pay the annual fee. It took months to get it sorted out. I feel your pain. If you stand firm and refuse to pay for their mistake you will win in the end. Good luck

I read it as them having never signed any contracts... So no fine print to read.

but it seems OP didnt have ANY business with that company...maybe he thought the letters he was getting from a company he doesnt use were only offers and didnt bother to open them until after 3 months.

I recently got out of an ordeal with the IRS involving $17,000 in back taxes that I didn't owe. It took two years (including many threats to garnish my earnings) to solve it...

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Sounds like dish network. I was having so many problems with their television service to the point where I couldn't even get through s commercial without a signal loss issue. Many technicians came and no one found any problems. I decided to cancel my subscription because why pay for a service I can't use? So the rep I was talking to was trying to tell me that my cancellation fee would be over $500! I know my contract said early termination fee would only $380. I had a technician from another company come out to uninstall the satellite component I needed to send back to Dish. Turns out that this component wasn't installed correctly and that's why my service was so poor. Arguing with Dish was pointless so I just didn't pay them and let it go to collections. Only had to pay $130 for everything. TL;DR Sometimes companies Judy want money and they don't care how they get it.

*just want money. Ran out of tune to edit.

File a very precise complaint, including dates you called, with the Better Business Bureau in your state. Attach documentation. File the exact same complaint with the FCC. Best of luck. i know it is frustrating.

How much you want to bet that's Centurylink.i had a similar experience with them and up hiring a lawyer, going to court, and winning

I would definately report them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)..