By hi_im_ughlee - 16/12/2015 00:32

Today, my sister finally came home from the hospital with my new baby nephew. When I got a chance to hold him, my mother mentioned that he looked a lot like me when I was a baby. My sister started crying. FML
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Turns out it was just hormones. As you can see, I am a girl, so that kinda set my sister off because she wants her son to look like a boy. Also, my sister and I looked very much alike when we were growing up, so that could be why my mother sees a resemblance in my nephew. Anyway, she said it was nothing against me she's just emotionally overwhelmed, but hey I got an FML and a laugh out of it! Thanks for the congrats, hope it made you all laugh too! (:

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Maybe it's because of the Hormones, probably nothing to worry about.


Maybe it's because of the Hormones, probably nothing to worry about.

Yeah, that's what I assume. It might not have even been anything negative that made her cry.

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Right after I had my kids, EVERYTHING made me cry! I wouldn't take it too personally.

That's normal. I'm practically my uncle's twin

I think she wanted the baby to look like her, after hours of hard work

Yikes, I didn't know any guy could last hours. (Please don't hurt me, I know you meant labor. I just tried to make a joke to lighten the mood).

That joke might have worked had you not explained it and begged for forgiveness 36... Please don't try again

Hormones and genetics man. Either way, that isn't very kind of your sister to just react the way she did.

When you've just given birth, your body is raging with hormones and you're exhausted and all kinds of crap. She gets to cry at anything right about now. Even if it's the wrong flavor of god damn ice cream she tastes.

even if the ice creams the right flavor but she insists it isnt

If I got the wrong flavor of ice cream, if it was black licorice, I would cry.

All babies are ugly OP! Let's hope he doesn't turn up like you in the future, that's the plan!

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Very few newborns are not ugly. Most babies get better with time.

@29 yes. all the babies look amazing after puberty. especially the 2 year olds

don't worry OP family members will always look one way or another similar. Maybe when the baby grows might develop with some of your sisters characteristics?

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It's just genetics, my sister looked a lot like my Aunts daughter the first few years of her life. Not to worry.

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maybe her aunt's daughter disowned her cousin? is that a thing?

She's saying her sister looked like she could be her aunt's daughter. She looked more like her aunt than her mother.

Newborns don't really look like anyone. They look more like potatoes. If she's so worried about it, it shouldn't be long before the baby starts to look more like her and her partner. She shouldn't stress.

Don't take it to heart. She's probably just emotional.