By Anonymous - 07/04/2014 17:43 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, in an attempt to potty train my step-son, my boyfriend and I put underwear on him, hoping that when he peed himself, he would realize using the potty is the way to go. Instead, he peed while sitting on the couch, got up, took off the underwear, and then switched seats. FML
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maddiecat 25

How is he your stepson if you're not married to your boyfriend?

ThatOneGuy719 16

There's the possibility that they're so close and she considers him her stepson

just force his ass down on the potty, give one two hard slaps on his face and need to be hit seeing how this new generation is turning out

loooloool 13

I think that's child abuse #38 and why hit a kid to potty train him that's cruel...

ZOMGGG!@ CHILD ABUSEEEARGHH@! calm ur ****...hit him so we rid of the lazy fatasses in this world

That's unfortunately not child abuse. It's somewhat extreme discipline. At least where I live it is.

They could be common law... That's pretty common :P

#75 what kind of sick question is that?

87, I believe it's a method they use to potty train cats, so hopefully 75 was making a joke. If he wasn't then I'm a little disgusted

At least he knows how to problem solve?

When I was a kid I didn't know how to problem solve, so he's getting far.

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Shayaan 10

Someone give this kid a cookie

smart kid, he learned he doesn't like being wet or sitting on a wet spot.

GnomeInSpace 11

I don't think anyone likes sitting on a wet spot. c;

Wet spots suck. Never sit in them. I don't think anyone likes sitting in a wet spot. Water or pee. OP a good idea is underwear under a diaper. It is VERY uncomfy and He will still feel wet and furniture is saved.

MAD01502 20

For having accidents when learning to use the bathroom for the first times in their life?

Tsk tsk sounds like you got yourself a rebel

Indianboy9321 25

You have one boss of a kid!

You might want to tell him what the toilet is for first op ;P