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Today, it's the 11th day of my migraine. I've drunk enough water to piss crystal clear, eaten every type of food there is, slept for days, and tried every remedy in my medicine cabinet. Nothing made a dent in the splitting pain. FML
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  Jurbla  |  14

Agreed. This sounds very possible, if not probable, that something else is going on in your body beyond a standard migraine that needs medical attention, and you've already passed the "wait and see" period. Time to at least get it checked out.

  bsshooter  |  14

even dick is being serious get help

By  Isamermaid  |  17

Plan to see a doctor.

Previously I’ve had a migraine for over 30 days in a row. I can’t remember exactly what cocktail of shots they give you if you go to the ER, but I know one is Benadryl.
So try Benadryl.
Or also try Excedrin Migraine.

I take a couple prescriptions now.

By  Lillysar91  |  20

Consult a neurologist immediately! It might be nothing just you suffering from chronic migraines and yes over the counter painkillers won’t make a dent. Or it might be an underlying condition. Your dr might order an MRI and other tests. I have chronic migraines and consulted three different neurologists to be told the same thing and put on a regiment of preventative medicine as well as triptans when i have an attack. I also try to avoid triggers (excessive alcohol, lack of sleep, smoke, stress etc.) but don’t stay like this. The pain is unbearable and can cause nausea and vomiting and is crippling. You can’t do anything. Even the most mundane activities become excruciating. Get well soon!

By  routerere  |  10

While it is possible to have a headache such as a tension headache for ten days or more, it is HIGHLY recommended that you see a doctor. You really need a CT scan pronto.

  routerere  |  10

CT scans are used becaue "This helps doctors diagnose tumors, infections, brain damage, bleeding in the brain and other possible medical problems that may be causing headaches". - Mayo Clinic