By asdfghjkl - 19/4/2009 02:44 - United States
Today, I bought a brand new flat screen TV. When I brought it home it didn't work. Furious, I walked into Best Buy and yelled at a guy in a tucked in blue polo and khakis. I asked him why it didn't work and he said he didn't know. I kept screaming. He didn't have a nametag. He didn't work there. FML
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By  Siren_00  |  0

I agree with #2.
And yelling gets you nowhere anyway and it's incredibly rude. No one working at Best Buy is directly responsible for your TV not working, especially not some innocent employee. It's the company that made the tv.

  bluehero  |  17

Yeah, really. This is one of those bitchy customers who no one likes and causes a scene. Where I worked we would always mock these people. The nicer ones we usually helped more, but if they scream, we'd refuse service.

By  Amkii  |  0

Why the hell would you yell at an employee, anyway? Wtf. Chill! Take a deep breath, let it out.... End.... shoot yourself in the face for being a tool.

By  Narsh  |  0

What a marvelous display of your (lack of) social skills! What were you thinking, by the way? "Hm, my TV isn't working. Forget that Best Buy doesn't even make these TVs, I'm just going to YELL at the first person in the store who appears to be an employee. " You seriously deserved it.

By  Atropos_fml  |  0

Ha-ha, I agree with #2. I thought of Notalwaysright as soon as I read the first two lines.
But seriously, yelling at the employees will get you nowhere. You probably did something wrong.

  ryguy997  |  0

your profile pic was my fav little kid book. I still have it somewhere... FOUND IT!!!! and op learn to calm the fuck down. all you do is talk to manager/ someone expeirienced and ask about a refund or exchange.

By  C_Wicked27  |  0

Speaking as someone who has worked plenty of retail and customer service jobs, and who has also been screamed at by customers for something that is completely beyond the employer's control, you definitely deserved that one. Way to throw a hissy fit because you couldn't get something to work; How old are you, five? And taking it out on the first person you saw, who wasn't even an employee I might add, makes you look even worse.