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Today, my sister and I got stuck in an airport elevator. We were separated from our friends, missed our flight and had to walk two hours to find our gate. On the bright side, we ended up having a pleasant talk with an Air Marshal on why we were "stalking people". FML
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drayloon 50

If you missed your flight, why did you walk for two hours to find your gate?

What does missing a flight have to do with stalking?


what's an air Marshall?

Government police who fly undercover on planes. They are anti terrorism and keep things in general order

drayloon 50

Someone you probably wish you weren't talking to at an airport lol

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your comments are always downrated here mami. People don't like you commenting

I mean she's #1 and asked something she cod have asked Wikipedia

This FYL to YDI ratio is insane

classic case of "omg first comment"

Armed flight security

drayloon 50

If you missed your flight, why did you walk for two hours to find your gate?

I was thinking that too. Maybe they got the next flight out and it took them two hours to find that gate? Which is stunning since I have been to dozens of airports and it's not difficult to find a gate. There are signs everywhere telling you where to go. In any case, it sucks to have things go wrong at any airport. And even more so, get talked to by an air marshall :

Probably shipol, gigantic airport. They have signs that show distance and duration how to get there

#16: They missed there flight. After a flight leave gate A1 to New York. What reason would the airport have to keep it displayed if it's outdated info? They might have tried to find it on there on first which very reasonably explains the time spent looking for the gate and maybe confusing by info desk. Oh, and not to mention being stuck in an elevator would take up a lot of that two hours.

What does missing a flight have to do with stalking?

They were probably stalking people out of boredom whilst waiting for the boarding and got stuck in the elevator in the process. I did that with my friend once in high school lol

I think that they asked the air marshall where their friends were and he thought that they were stalking them

1dvs_bstd 41

Gotta hand it over to an form of policemen. Hassle the law abiding citizens and cower in face of real terrorists.

Your comment is just dripping with excess intelligence...

My Sarcastometer just went off the scale and died... your comment broke it #41!

#46 how can a measuring device die?

What were you still doing there after you missed your flight..?

Hope everything was sorted out

it was a bad day on the whole ..

It must have been a stressful day for sure OP.Hopefully it will be a funny story you can tell your friends later.Take care.

Terrynics 8

That's just damn unlucky.

Every single comment on this FML by you has been useless. Put it all in one comment, and what the hell is a "YTD"?

cadillacgal79 32

19-wild guess but I'm thinking it's "you totally deserved" just without the "it".