By crazycora - 13/12/2010 19:32 - Belgium

Today, I woke up to my kids shaking me, saying, "Get up, Santa was here!" I got up to find my TV, computer and MacBook Air all gone. FML
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Someone was a bad, bad mother this year. :)


Fortuitous 0

Someone was a bad, bad mother this year. :)

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that's also what you get for being a macfag.

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i would die if some one stole my mac :(

Cheekylozza 3

Come on daddy, Santa Was Here!!!! Dad: Oh god dammit that was the same guy that robbed us on easter Stephen: No, that was the easter bunny, See?

RedJester23 6

oh no my tv, my mac and my compu-.....WAIT WHERE THE **** ARE MY COOKIES?!?!?! how could someone do such a thing....THAT FAT BASTARD DRANK ALL OUR MILK TOO!

Seems that someones got a secret Santa.

You got robbed by your name Craig Jones and do you have a cousin named Day-Day by chance? lol Extra Medium hahahaha

Did anyone else wonder she has a computer AND MacBook Air?

No, plenty of people have computers and laptops at the same time. MacBook Air has very limited capabilities so you practically NEED to have another fully-functioning computer as well.

Santa did you a favour by taking the Mac imo PC > Mac

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it was santa's evil cousin.... atnas!!!!

The joke's on the person who stole the MacBook air.

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Yes, #64. Note the differentiation too. You wouldn't want to confuse a MacBook Air with an actual computer. The Air is more like a really expensive toy that doesn't really have much of a purpose. This is why people without much money should aviod these items and simply stick to computers, which are far more useful.

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TV, computer and Mac- YDI. And F the robber's life for stealing a Mac. Joke's on him.

don't steal material please ah huhuh ( snot wipes) SHUT UP Seriously that's from smosh

I guess Santa steals things in Belgium?..

How is that a fail? And where do you think Santa gets the money to buy all those presents? He takes from the naughty, and gives to the nice. :)

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He's like Robin Hood, but a fat version.

Why did Robin Hood steal only from the rich? Because the poor had no money. ;)

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If Santa stole from the naughty and gave to the nice then where are all the little girls with handguns, hmm?

I don't think that I understand. Doesn't Santa usually give you things? And it's not even close to Christmas.

Obiously they were robbed, but why did the kids say it was Santa?

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116, I got this image in my head that the robber was dressed as Santa and the kids saw him... that would be priceless to see tho. Santa got tipsy and didn't know what he was doin!

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I would slap the shit out of Santa.

Reverse Santa. Robin Claus Like that one Simpsons episode...