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  RedJester23  |  6

oh no my tv, my mac and my compu-.....WAIT WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY COOKIES?!?!?! how could someone do such a thing....THAT FAT BASTARD DRANK ALL OUR MILK TOO!

  starile  |  19

No, plenty of people have computers and laptops at the same time. MacBook Air has very limited capabilities so you practically NEED to have another fully-functioning computer as well.

  FYLDeep  |  25

Yes, #64. Note the differentiation too. You wouldn't want to confuse a MacBook Air with an actual computer. The Air is more like a really expensive toy that doesn't really have much of a purpose. This is why people without much money should aviod these items and simply stick to computers, which are far more useful.

  DahkLohd  |  4

How is that a fail? And where do you think Santa gets the money to buy all those presents? He takes from the naughty, and gives to the nice. :)

  lalagirl912  |  0

116, I got this image in my head that the robber was dressed as Santa and the kids saw him... that would be priceless to see tho.
Santa got tipsy and didn't know what he was doin!