By MilleeMacabre - United States
Today, I woke up to my husband taking a piss on our bedroom floor. I screamed that he wasn't in the bathroom, to which he responded, "Shut up! I'm taking a piss, let me finish!" He has no recollection of the event. Now I have to clean up his piss and rewash my clothes. FML
MilleeMacabre tells us more :
Yes. He was drunk. That's my husband for ya.
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  cherry72  |  13

@33 Ambien was my 1st thought too. I've done some strange things on Ambien myself and not remembered anything. My husband hates me taking it. Only when absolutely needed if course.

  waterpolohezy  |  6

I did this after a party one night. My roommate's gf was over too and it got all over her clothes. It was pretty epic. Didn't remember a thing the next morning and swore they were lying to me when they told me I pissed on the floor

  qwertyLP  |  9

Because she is the wife

  ViviMage  |  38

Ya know, the recent FML with the puppy and the young boy, MIHO, is a weak or small bladder. Not a territory issue.

  mattlw  |  25

Wondering the same thing. Make his ass clean it up. And I would make him wash your clothes. If he refuses then go piss on his clothes and get even.