By simonjudy - 14/05/2011 20:09 - United Kingdom

Today, my sister and I both got "good luck" cards from our aunt wishing us well on our exams. My sister's said "We know you will do well". Mine said "We will love you no matter what happens". FML
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Dear Aunt, Happy Birthday, Your getting old but we still love you. From OP. xox

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I'm sure they mean it in the best intent.


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atleast they still love you. FAFP

They must think you'll do horrible. PROVE THEM WRONG!

14 not necessarily. my sister always did well on exams, where as I didn't always because I wasn't good at exams.

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36 - how can you not be good at the part that tests what you know? lol...

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No, not really. Some people are really smart but don't do good on tests/exams. And OP, I'm pretty sure your aunt doesn't think bad of you. She sent you a good luck card for Pete's sake and she said a nice message. First, it's the thought that counts and second, it doesn't necessarily mean she thinks you won't do well. Don't take things so personal.

maybe this exam was not academic, but rather a test for std's. Yeah we now know why your family is worried

at least they said I love you in yours!:)

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your aunt probably just wrote that because she didn't want to write the same thing she wrote for your sister. quit being so negative.

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You said "for" your aunt, and not "from" It took me a few times to read this to understand what was going on because of that, hopefully your test isn't in English :P

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the contrast of comments 1 and 2 are hilarious.

55: you are awesome. 46: I agree. I've never been a great test taker. I get "teat anxiety" and sometimes I get so nervous I forget the material. It freaking sucks.

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I'm sure they mean it in the best intent.

KatrinaKitten 16

Oh jeez, I meant that to be a thumbs up..:( ANYWAY... Yea, :)

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I know right? Sibling rivalry sucks!

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You're competitive. I like it.

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Yeah, we have to keep our comments in "context" anyway, or we'd violate comment policy. Dun dun dun.

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pie is good! chocolate, cherry vanilla pie, and caramel you can't go wrong with all 3 especially when they look good to eat

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Just had apple pie! Apple pie ftw!!!!!

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Dude your face is gorgeous

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You feel it's necessary to post messages people have sent you saying you're pretty on your profile? Errrrgh

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wonder why mayne because shes beautiful and ir just a little jealous noone tells you because you are not that sucks

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yeah, at least someone will love you

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Hahahaha win for family guy ref!

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Australian people hate me on here. That seems to be the pattern. And I post those messages cause it's a shout-out. Ever heard of it?

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65 is totally right... they probably hate you because your beautiful and they aren't... or it's like a Facebook thing and they're like, "Hey... Australians. Let's hate on this chick!"

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Prove her wrong or don't and see if it's true.

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then try your best to prove them wrong, study and you will fine. good luck!

well, good luck, anyway.!!! maybe do really good and be like, "what now, sucka.!!!"

Dear Aunt, Happy Birthday, Your getting old but we still love you. From OP. xox

A good luck card just for exams? Jesus, if it's one of those premade cards, that's a bit much. Of course what else can I expect from the businesses that retool existing holidays or make their own just to sell extra cards?

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It's GCSE time in the uk they pretty much help decide your future

So do the SATs, but they don't get their own cards here. And that's from America, where the weirdest and most useless ass products are on store shelves due to it being the one of the most capitalist places on the planet, second only to places such as Hong Kong.

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hey man capitalism is cool man

It's a mixed bag, but I love it too. I love that we have the freedom to sell anything we want (as long as it's safe). Our free economy is why we have the greatest patents taken out per capita on the entire planet.

Now, it's time to prove her wrong. Good luck.

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did you get good luck money?(: