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He hung onto the moment she turned him down in his heart for 6 years. Six years! At last he couldn't bear it any longer and snapped the way he wanted to all that time ago. That's the gist of what happened anyway.

By  sterling1113  |  15

I'd make a joke about spoiling you "rotten" but it just doesn't seem to flow in this situation.
That's creepy, especially if you've moved since then. I'd get outside help if I were you, maybe even a restraining order :/ good luck and happy valentines day OP!

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

You are so right, 42! The thought of OP apparently paints such a lovely picture in this mysterious man's mind. Colors of brown and black flowing into and out of the decaying, lifeless flowers. And then there's the absolutely riveting message, "Cunt", sprayed beautifully around that priceless image of her turning him down such a short while ago. That.. That just brings a fucking tear to my eye. Oh the thought OP, that's what really counts.

  kittcatt  |  8

A restraining order is just a piece of paper, it won't do much good in preventing a psycho from approaching you. Women are killed by exes or abusive partners that they have restraining orders on frequently. OP would be better off notifying the police, but also locking the doors and getting a good alarm system and a dog. I'd suggest a gun too but not everyone is a fan of those, so perhaps a hefty maglight to keep by the bed as it can be used to blind and/or to bludgeon in the case of an attack.