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  wanijima  |  0

OP is a man, so unless he sleeps without covers too, the pictures themselves don't seem like they'd be that big of a deal.

The origin of the pictures, however, definitely is. OP, you've got some kind of pervert and/or prankster in your house.


Its disturbing even if they're hot. Attractive or not, would you like a picture of your sleeping self on the interwebz when you had no idea how it got there, or even who took it?

By  perdix  |  29

And you are surprised because you go to sleep and wake up in pajamas?

Maybe you'd better cut back on the Ambien -- I've heard that people sleep-eat, sleep-drive and have sleep-sex with that drug. You probably took so much you sleep-self-portraited and sleep-uploaded. Try warm milk instead.