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  americayay  |  0

Agreed. This reminds me of a friend of mine whose mother threw her sweet sixteen at celebration station, a kiddie arcade restaurant. My friend just smiled and thanked her rather than hurt her feelings. This really isn't that big of a deal.

  Reyo  |  2

Except that when you're 20, you're expected to take care of yourself, which includes walking across the street. When you're 16, nothing is expected of you past homework. There's a fine line there. If my Mom did that, I'd rip my hand away, look at her like she was crazy, and speedwalk to the car. I garuntee that everyone who was there thought that there was something wrong with him.

  edthered  |  0

@ #36 - Surely by doing that you would've made yourself look much worse, as not only does it show that public signs of affection embarrass you, but you're making a scene about it as well. The whole idea reeks of 13-16 year old "I'm hormonal and rebelling against my parents".


20 ? Big deal .. huh .. you don't deserve the love and care from your mom.

I'm 30 and would be glad if my mom hold my hand and guide me whenever I cross any street in front of anyone as long as my hands are free.

F**k your college campus, you won't be there without your mom.

  mike1921  |  0


Public signs of affection? This wasn't a hug, this was walking someone across the street. Maybe you live in some strange country where your mom grabbing your hand to walk with you across the street is a sign of affection rather than a sign she thinks you might get run over if you walk by yourself.


Thank you, #37! This is less about showing affection to one's mother and more about a condescending gesture that implies that you can't take care of yourself. My mother still calls me every week to try to tell me what to eat, how to exercise and that I should try not to get run over by cars, because "if she didn't tell me, I wouldn't know better".

  escualida  |  0

#36: I think that reaction is a bit extreme, I probably would have let go of her hand but wrapped her arm around my neck and wrapped my arm around her waist, that way it would look like we're walking lovingly together, and not like she was guiding me.

  thefrenchcow  |  0

Ha glad you noticed that as well. I'm French and knew the French website before that one, but I'm quite surprised by the number of FML coming from Nord Pas de Calais. And believe me, it's far from being the most populated & famous region in France. :)