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Today, I watched a young shop assistant try her hardest to flirt with my 20-year-old son. When he continued to be totally oblivious, she outright invited him back to her flat. When he asked, "What for?" a piece of my soul died at how completely I have failed as a father. FML
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"Wanna come **** me?" "Err...what are the benefits?"

Some people are just completely oblivious about flirting, doesn't mean they don't know about sex. Besides, it may be all a show because his dad is right there! It's awkward.


Dreamsorrow93 24

Sounds like me... Please draw a picture.

()/ ~~(.)===8 "This is a rough drawing about what we should do tonight."

This exact thing happened to me, except I was in front of my mom. She still doesn't let me live it down...

"Wanna come **** me?" "Err...what are the benefits?"

"Friends with benefits? Great! Would we pay our car insurance together so the interest rate can go down or something?"

"Think of it as the ultimate form of exercise! And it'll be the best stress reliever ever!"

It will refill your health meter. Duh!

That's not an entirely bad thing.

Sounds like OP wants his son to be the stud he never was. But I bet OP considers the shop assistant as not being of wife material.

#3 that's what I was thinking. Maybe he just didn't want to sleep with her, and didn't know how to say "No thanks" without hurting her feelings, big deal. Even if he really was oblivious, the whole "I've failed as a parent because my son didn't get laid today" is pretty lame. OP, priorities.

Or maybe she was just busted. Occam's razor bitches!

Not only that, but you're never getting grandchildren.

He's 20 years old. Isnt it kind of early to say he won't be getting grandchildren?

#105 - Just because he's not obsessed with bonking every woman he sees doesn't mean he's gay. What a stupid presumption.

Amen to that. My current partner is a complete and utter dumbass when it comes to picking up signals. In high school I once invited him over while my parents were out of town, and after a romantic dinner told him he could sleep in my bed if he wanted. He then asked me, "But where would you sleep?".... smh to this day. Though he eventually figured it out. xD

Yeah, looks like you need a father son talk!

At hat point you should have stepped up as the ultimate wing man and helped get your son laid

No, fake w phone call emergency and leave his ass there .

Some people are just completely oblivious about flirting, doesn't mean they don't know about sex. Besides, it may be all a show because his dad is right there! It's awkward.

This guy's got a point, I won't flirt, heck, SAY a damn thing if i see someone i find attractive if i'm out with family, because typically i'm out helping my mother or great-aunt with their grocery shopping and the last thing I need is one of them popping in with some story i'd like to keep buried until death.

I don't tell my parents Jack because of that very reason.

Not even lol my dad walked in on me and my girl having sex and I just said "sup" and kept going

Sure you did #128... Sure you did.

tarlax 11

#128 I'm a little disturbed that your dad features in your wild virginal sex fantasies, BUT THAT'S JUST ME!

#47, that guys not a guy

#140, well I'm glad someone noticed that! :p

I was pretty damn tired when I wrote that, so sue me. my intention was "This guy has got a point" and my brain at 4am found compounding Guy and Has into Guy's acceptable

Xobubblyxo 23

Ahhhhh the wonders of innocence. Of course, u would of thought he's lost that by now

There is a chance that he might be gay

Nope, gay people still know when they're being hit on by the opposite sex.

That is a completely unfounded assumption, I know plenty of gay men who don't know when the opposite sex or same sex is flirting.

Not necessarily. If a woman was flirting with me like that, I would reject her. I'm just not interested in sex at the moment.

71 - But that has nothing to do with them being gay. They'd be like that if they were straight too.

71 - cool story? because im gay and i can easily tell...

I wonder why you care so much? It's his love life, not yours. Unless he asks you for help, leave him be. His is your son, not a stallion you raised to flatter your ego.

The dad probably fears his son might never get a girlfriend this way.

I see what you mean #29, but then again, it's his son's business if he wants to get a girlfriend or not. It's not up to his dad to decide that he should accept advances when given the opportunity.

#54 I think it's more of a won't get experience now so won't have a chance to obtain a girlfriend when they want to. I'd share the same concerns because you want your children to be successful in anything (or anyone for this) they do

No, if this was a daughter the father probably would be freaking out on the poor guy. Instead, it's a son so he somehow "failed" because his son isn't sleeping around. Either way, I agree with the thought that he needs to stay out of his children's sex/love life. To me it's kinda creepy that he was standing there hoping his son was going to get laid.