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Today, I woke up to the sound of footsteps outside my room. I investigated but found nothing. As I went back to my room, I heard a sort of giggling from inside. I was so scared, I grabbed my car keys, got the fuck out of there, and drove to my girlfriend's house in my pajamas. FML
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dontlookman 20

At least you got out instead of wasting time setting up cameras waiting for proof your house is haunted

Chucky is waiting. Or one of those blasted Furbies. I swear they only exist to suck the souls out of the living.


Chucky is waiting. Or one of those blasted Furbies. I swear they only exist to suck the souls out of the living.

my furbie turned on two years after the battery died and motor blew.... scared the hell out of me... i was also pretty sure i had already thrown it away

aeryn97 17

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38: you're not the only one. I threw mine outside and found it a few years later when renovating and it still worked. Freaky things. Now, if only they could make cellphones as indestructible as Furbies.

dontlookman 20

At least you got out instead of wasting time setting up cameras waiting for proof your house is haunted

True. It was probably his mind playing with him though.

@2 Yeah if only horror movie characters were as smart as OP here, there would never be any chuckie-related deaths.

Ha ha, yeah, when I watch horror movies all I can think is "get the **** out of here, you idiot!"

Bojack_fml 10

Think it's time to get you a new place.

Everybody knows that doesn't solve the problem

SystemofaBlink41 27

It only makes the demon want to haunt you down.

Could be a neighborhood kid screwing with you. Better safe than sorry!

aeryn97 17

I was working at my computer and something yelled at me and hit the window. I jumped so high I am surprised o didn't hit the ceiling. I heard laughter but no one was there. luckily I was smart enough to check out the back window. 3 kids were running down the street. probably someone messing with OP

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Really? Don't be ******* rude. Some people are very superstitious that doesn't mean you get to be rude.

That's not even superstitious, it's ******* normal. I'm not superstitious at all, not even a little bit, but the other night at about 3am someone walked up the stairs really slowly, stopped outside my room and tried quite hard to open the door, I could hear them breathing and everything but somehow they hadn't tripped the automatic lights in the hall. As soon as I heard them leave I grabbed my shit and hauled ass to my boyfriends place.

I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts, but that would still freak me out. Even if it's nothing, op could've been having auditory hallucinations. I get them if I'm too sleep deprived, but if I didn't know that's what it is, I'd be scared too. And #32, your experience could've been a sort of sleep paralysis. The "intruder" is a common sleep paralysis nightmare. Even if nothing "real" happened in either of these cases, there's still science to explain what did happen and why it's terrifying. Telling someone to just grow up is unnecessary and rude.

#44 had one of those the other night didn't know id fallen asleep and heard something then it felt like something walking on my bed behind me i wanted to kick at it but couldn't move and felt so much fear.

At this point it isn't superstition. Maybe hallucination, but there's no way of knowing whether or not its real and either is just as scary.

It wasn't sleep paralysis, I'd only been in bed 20 minutes and was wide still awake, not to mention I have a sleep recorder app because I say weird shit in my sleep, and it picked up the sound of the handle being pushed and the door rattling.

ShirtlessWonder 17

#63 what's your living situation? If you're alone in your house, that seems pretty ******* weird.

Uni halls, but only 6 girls with access to this block and judging by the footsteps and the breathing it was definitely a heavy guy. Not to mention the lights are motion censored, and they went on as soon I looked out of my peephole after he'd gone, and again when I left my room. While I was at my boyfriends the next night, the girl who lives opposite said she heard someone come up the stairs at about 4am and just stand there for a few minutes, she said she could hear him breathing and then he left, again without the light going on, and she told me this before I told her what had happened the night before. SO damn creepy.

I definitely believe in ghosts.. I was home alone one time, folding clothes, minding my own business and heard rustling noises in my closet followed by a creepy little girl giggling. At the time I lived in the woods, far away from any neighbors and an hour away from the nearest town. I hid in the living room watching Disney movies until my dad came home.

Badkarma4u 17

I agree #5. I hear all these leave the house, burn the house down over a spider or a noise. What are these people going to do when they have children. Daddy cant run from the boogie man.

Two days ago I woke up shortly after falling asleep to my dog barking at the dining room door (odd for him, he usually only barks when someone knocks on the front door) and as I was getting out of bed, my sweater piller that was on the dining room table came on. I'd taken it out of the drawer to use it and the battery was dead (hasn't been used since last winter). I took the battery out and cleaned the terminals and everything, it still wouldn't work. I didn't have the right battery so I laid it on the table to remember to buy one. My ex swears my cat must have did it, but it's a switch and a pretty stiff one at that. I'd tend to think I left it on but how did the battery magically start to work (won't work now, by the way); just one of the many weird things that happen in my house. Who knows, who cares. What's a ghost gonna do anyways? Make me cold or knock a pencil off the table? It's just a dead person...

I want to share my creepy ghost experience too. One day I woke up to the feeling of somebody striking my cheek but I was alone. When I went into the kitchen to get some water I walked past my hallway mirror and saw that creepy man standing behind me staring right into my eyes through the reflection and grinning with an open mouth. I turned around and started to run to my best friend only in my boxers... this story gives me the chills every time I tell it... I'm scared of mirrors since then.

Ugh you guys I'm reading these comments at 1:30am trying to go to sleep :(

addioty 19

I was at my grandma's house printing stuff for a chem project alone when I heard loud stomps up and down the halls (laminate flooring). Thought someone was breaking in but I called my grandma and said "is there a possibility anyone is in the house?" She said all the doors and windows were deadlocked and nobody else was there. Stomps started after I ended the call and it was angry stomps. I had a feeling of dread and it kept stopping outside of my door. Right after, I opened the door and NO ONE was there.

Really? I don't think you know a thing about me to judge whether or not I made that comment because of superstition. I am extremely superstitious and have long since grown the **** up about things that go bump in the night.

#143 Nobody cares if you're superstitious or not, our point was what you said was ******* rude and unnecessary, and not at all welcome on this thread in case you haven't got the general gist.

the general gist? lmfao...whatever, grow the **** up isn't's a fact of life.

No it was rude. You didn't have to say it. Some people believe in that stuff, doesn't mean you get to bash on them

And again...if you could read and comprehend you would see that I said I have had similar experiences, I've just learned to grow the **** up about them. Which is clearly what most people need to do here.

I've lived in a haunted house and done the same sort of thing. The fire station I work at is haunted.

maybe God saw you fornicating with said gf and wanted to teach you a lesson. or maybe it was just random demons with no connection to fornicating, who knows

Read it again for what? Creepy demon children were giggling in his room and he got out of there just in time to avoid becoming a horror movie

Sorry. When I replied it showed your comment under the one that said he was getting out of there just in time

thank you 18 lol. if you have a gf and a place of your own, you're doing it... it's a given

That is not true. Many people, including myself, are religious and do not believe in sex before marriage.

I don't believe in soccer. I know, it's odd considering how often it happens regardless of whether or not I believe in it.

I think it's pretty clear in this context that by saying she doesn't "believe in" she's referring to wanting to follow her religious beliefs and not engage in premarital sex. No need to be a dick and mock religious people, regardless of how superior you may feel.

I think it's pretty clear from my post that I'm only mocking the phrasing, not religious people in general. I'd be just as quick to criticize the phrase, "I don't believe in fossil fuels." Of the two of us, you're the only one who's resorted to name calling.

@75 There is nothing wrong with the phrasing. The phrase "I don't believe" does not necessarily mean "I don't think it is true" or "I don't think it exists", as you seem to think. "Believe", as most people know it, can mean to hold an opinion or to support an idea, which is exactly what the word was meant to mean in this context. I don't think you're really that crass, so perhaps you just wanted to be intentionally obnoxious. Goodness gracious, if a supporter of a politician says "I believe in [name]", do you really think they're referring to their existence?