By Married2handsome - United States - Palm Bay
Today, my daughter found out what happens when my husband watches Mythbusters and doesn't heed the disclaimer to "Not try this at home." He feels bad about her cut face, but says he's proud he can throw a playing card that hard. FML
Married2handsome tells us more :
Yes, he's a cool dad! No, it was certainly NOT on purpose. :) Although she says it hurt, she too thought it funny and requested I place it as a FB status and FML!
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  Wizardo  |  33

'Do you want to know how I got these scars? Its a funny story really, one day my dad is watching Mythbusters, he's more hyped up than usual. He starts experimenting, copying what he saw on the TV and my mum wasn't having any of it. So he got these cards right and he threw them at my straight face, carving a smile into my lips, I've always found it funny that a walrus looking man caused my permanent smile. *whooping laughter*'

  Soloman212  |  28

Hiding knives is no help from a man that can cut people with cards! He's like gambit. Hell, the TSA needs to ban cards from planes, or put this badass on the no fly list.