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By  KittyMack  |  13

I don't know jack about dreams but why assume it was a literal dream about a romantic coupling? Couldn't the mystery woman symbolize OP's self and her yearning to have a healthy relationship with her self? or maybe she (redhead) symbolises something important to OP such as her career or hobby, a cause she cares about, a community she's in... the message being that OP values her connection to whatever. Know what I mean? If OP plays a big curvy cello made of auburn colored wood ... "she" is likely the lover from the dream, right?

  Dave_Davington  |  33

Honestly, all of that dream symbolism is bullshit. Dreams are just the conscious part of your brain trying to make sense what is to it random noise coming from the rest of the brain as senses and thoughts. The result is a nonsensical mess that means absolutely nothing and can't even follow an extremely basic storyline for more than ten seconds, much less provide deep and profound insights about one's own condition through carefully crafted symbolism.

Hell, last night I dreamed I was send by Edmund Blackaddr back to the shitbox town I grew up in to spy on some random girl and also win some free weed by playing a match three game on the way there. It's nothing more than meaningless gibberish.